Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Three months till my birthday

By twowritingteachers.com 

It is three months till my birthday. It is not a special birthday, but I thought to write my last November thankfulness blog about my birthday and everything that I associate with it.

I am thankful for my childhood birthdays. Books from my cousins and aunts, visits from friends and neighbors, treats that my mother baked at home, and loving parents who wanted to make that day special every year.

This could have been taken at our coffee table.

I am thankful for the birthdays that I spent in Asia. The love that strangers showed me on my day. The gifts that I received and the special surprises that my friends and team mates provided. I still have some of these treasures--but most of all, two of these special friends just called me last week!

Happy Birthday in Chinese.

I am thankful for the many birthdays that I have been able to spend with my daughter. I think of the coupons that I received as gifts (think foot massage or dish duty) to the many breakfasts that I have enjoyed in bed. I think about the one winter when she braved the freezing temperatures and walked to the florist to buy me flowers for my birthday! Could I ask for more?

Aren't they just lovely!

I am thankful that I have been able to celebrate my birthday with my students as well! I have received gifts, balloons, cakes and special cards that I absolutely treasure. This year one of my new students has the same birthday as I (well, obviously a different year, but who is counting, right?), so I am already planning to do something special on that day--it will be a school day after all.

I might not get to do this, but I am so glad someone did

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanku for Thanksgiving

This is my “Thanku” for this Thanksgiving.

sun shining through today
joy bursting out with delight
thankfulness welcomed

So much to be thankful for. Not the least is my new stove. Happy cooking everyone!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Phone calls, text messages, e-mails and in-person meetings

I love phone calls, text messages, e-mails and meeting friends in person. Yes, I haven't ventured to the world of twitter yet. Maybe because I still have a really old phone--you know, no data plan.
Keeping with the idea of "thankfulness" here are some of my favorite surprises:
I had worked a long day and partly cleaned  the house; my feet were up and my favorite show was on TV. Phone rings. Do I answer or not?? Well, the election is over so it must be someone I know!
My friend from Pennsylvania! She always calls at the most interesting times; and it is always a joyful surprise! We chat...and I am already feeling her energy reaching me.
A couple of Sundays ago I was sitting at church. Towards the end I stood up and was watching down (I happened to be sitting higher up this time).  I had to look again, really, could it be???? I had not seen him or his family in a really long time. Moving to a different state, we had somehow lost touch. But here he was! What a wonderful surprise!
My weekly surprises often come in the form of a text message: "Love you mom, have a great day!" I also love this one: " Are you still at school? Want to go for dinner?"
There are also the e-mails that include an invitation for coffee, a movie, listening to a friend play music at a club. Wonderful surprises to brighten the day.
I am SO thankful for friends--both close by and far away. I count myself blessed!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thank you my fellow teacher

I have so much to be thankful for! But one of the most important people in my life is you, my fellow teacher. This is for you!

Thank you for the cheery "good morning" yelled loud enough across the hallway.
Thank you for the Diet Coke on a weary afternoon.
Thank you for the "encouragement" to go home when I was not feeling well.
Thank you for sharing your 
industrial size whole puncher and fancy fonts with me.
Thank you for covering my class 
during a meeting.
Thank you for filling the copier
with paper.
Thank you for the funny joke that made me laugh so hard I almost didn't make it to the bathroom!
And thank you for letting me know that
there is kleenex in the bathroom--but no toilet paper.
Thank you for sharing your cookies with me;
they sustained me to complete my grading.
Thank you for the blanket to keep me warm as I
traveled to say goodbye to my mother.
Thank you for the surprise of copied handouts
on my desk one morning.
Thank you for the dinner, and the nodding head 
while I vented.
Thank you for remembering my birthday
because this showed me that you took
a personal interest in me!
Thank you, for checking if I am still 
at school--and yes, I was.
Thank you for sharing your students with me--after all,
without them my life would be much less interesting!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful.......for so much

Thankful for people like you
who read my blog
who bring me a coffee and a bagel for breakfast at school
who remind me to go home and not stay at school too late
who leave comments on my blog and encourage me to keep on writing
who love me.

Thankful for the opportunity 
to vote 
to serve
to teach
to help
to write
to sing 

Thankful for the
examples of others
challenges that help me grow as a person
choices that I have
coworkers that I have
family that surrounds me
and friends that keep me sane!