Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meeting Terje in Estonia

When I started blogging this past March, I did not know if anyone would ever read my blog or comment on what I have written. To my surprise, people read my blog and they COMMENTED! I love you all!!
I was especially thrilled when Terje commented on my post the first time! Her name was both familiar and intriguing at the same time. I decided to see if Terje shared on her blog where she is from. To my surprise, I found out that she lives in Estonia! If you don't yet know, I am Finnish; Finnish language and Estonian language have many similarities.
Soon after beginning my blog, I started planning my trip to Finland this summer.
I wanted to go see my relatives and friends. About the time that I bought my plane ticket, I read a post about two bloggers meeting each other, and how much fun that had been. I started wondering if I might be able to meet Terje?? First of all, I love going to Tallinn, Estonia! Its old city is beautiful, full of small shops, lovely cafes and just walking the old cobblestone streets is relaxing.
I finally decided to be courageous and e-mail Terje if she would like to meet this summer. To my surprise and joy, Terje also wanted to meet!!! Everything about the timing of my friend and I going to Estonia, to Terje coming into town from vacation worked out perfectly. Even the weather honored our meeting! The rain stopped and we enjoyed a wonderful time walking in the old city of Tallinn and having coffee in this quaint cafe situated in one of the courtyards in the old city.

Here we sat outside and just talked!!! My childhood friend commented that we talked like we had known each other for a long time!
I know that I have a connection on the other side of the world!

Terje and I sitting in the cafe.


Enjoying these lovely chocolates! And of course, coffee!

I felt very blessed that day, and will remember that day with joy!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Remember....from back home

I remember when the bus used to go straight right here--now the road is only for bikes.
I remember when I knew every building and street name around here.
I remember when I could tell which one of my friends lived on this or that street.
I remember the bookstore where I used to buy all my school books is located--now it sells sewing supplies (wonder what happened to school books??)
I remember the church where our youth group used to meet--it looks so quiet now.
I remember the lake where my dad and I used to go swimming--wonder what it looks today.
I remember walking to school and crossing the bridge on the way there--now there is a new bridge that does not shake.
I remember the second floor windows and my 4th grade class. Now the school is closing...
I remember the librarian who was always finding books for me to read--even in English.
I remember walking or driving with my dad to pick up my mom from work.
I remember many things with joy and happiness!

I love to remember, but I am happy to live in the present!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bon Voyage & Hyvää Matkaa

Today is the day!
I am flying out in the evening. Little nervous; I haven't flown by myself in over 20 years. But excited at the same time. I have my kindle ready, suitcases waiting to be packed, laundry is done, mental preparedness is almost completed and clear plastic bags are ready to be stuffed with items (you know to easily take out in case of suitcase inspection).

But now comes the problem: should I pack for 90° weather or for 65° weather? What about shoes?? I need shows for walking, some more walking, easy slip-ons and maybe a one nice pair too. Tennis shoes or Danskos?? Or both? Okay, I might be able to figure this out.

What about a handbag? Should I take a carry on and a small handbag? Or carry on and a little bigger purse? What kind of purse will I need for the next three weeks? One with a zipper or one with just a snap closer? What about a wallet? Do I take one for all the American stuff and another for Euros? Or do I take one and just put everything in it? 

What about books, pens, markers and journals? Do I still need to take at least a couple of books in addition to my kindle? Oh yeah, I can't forget the charger for my Kindle--otherwise what good will it be for me? What about writing? Will I feel like writing on the plane? Journaling? Plotting my next story? Maybe jotting down some observations I can later use in a story?? Or will this be just weird??

Why am I even pondering these choices? Because I can't predict the weather. Because I don't know if I will need a cross-body handbag or just one that goes on my shoulder. Because I am not sure if I will need beach attire or just hanging out attire. That reminds me, should I take a beach towel with me? Will I be brave enough to swim if the air temperature is only around 70°? 
What about an extra bag in case I will want to bring more stuff  back to the US? Or should I just ship the stuff as second bag will be an extra expense anyway? Will I bring mom's china back with me or sell it?? Decisions, decisions to make...

But hey, I still have few more hours before it is time to head to the airport. 
And next time, my stories will be about fun things, wonderful people that I haven't seen in years, and of course, delicious foods that I also haven't tasted in years. Until then, Bon Voyage!