Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Trainers Workshop

Have you been to a workshop where participants are there because they have to be there? I have been there, and I am sure you have too.

Last week I was completing my second two day Train the Trainers workshop. It was WONDERFUL!!! Our presenters (or trainers) were perfect! They were both experts on their field with enthusiasm to match. We, the participants, were all there because we wanted to be there. We were eager to learn and participate.

So what was this all about?
In my state our our leaders in the department of education have seen the importance of training local experts and then to commission them to provide training at their school districts and counties. This summer's training is: Teaching reading to Students Learning English: Training of Trainers. 

We had our first two day training in May and now last week was our second two day training. Then in July and August we will host regional workshops around our state to train local teachers who have English Learners in their classrooms. I am really excited!! I am convinced that if we can get enough mainstream classroom teachers trained to work with our English Learners, we can make a much bigger difference in our schools and districts.

But back to the participants!
I sat the two days at a table with five other teachers. We had great conversations, we acted out problems and scenarios, we created learning tools and practiced using others already created. We took pictures of ideas that we want to use both in training and in our schools and classrooms. We laughed! We were mesmerized by the dramatic performances of one of our presenters. And then, of course, we laughed some more!

I came home energized (even went to gym on both nights before coming home)! I am itching to start planning, creating, reading and writing. Just last night I watched a movie that one of the participants recommended (McFarland). Great movie by the way!

So this year I am not feeling so jealous of those who get to attend AllWrite as I had my own great workshop!