Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Family Wedding, Children & Flowers

No wedding would be perfect without flowers. There were flowers on the tables at the reception. Flowers decorated the tables at the rehearsal dinner as well. An of course, the bride carries her bouquet of roses just like the bridesmaids. Well, the brides bouquet was actually bigger (and heavier) than the others.

This past Saturday was my nephew Daniel's wedding. He was marrying Julia. I was looking forward to the wedding. I even had a task: take care of the children in the wedding party (with the help of my daughter). I was a little doubtful that the 2 1/2 and 1 year old would sit together in the wagon that the 6 year old would pull. But to my surprise, the older one was perfectly happy to be pulled in the wagon--maybe the mints that we gave her also helped. The younger one obviously believed that she would see more if her father carried her to the front and then gave her to her grandmother--as she sat in the front row.

There was so much joy, happiness and laughter at the wedding.

At this wedding, some of the happiest people were the groom's grandparents. Over 100 years of marriage between the two couples. Could anyone ask for more?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings are time to meet friends. It is often the time that I get together with my friend Faith. Faith has MS (multiple sclerosis) and thus does no longer drive. On Saturday mornings her mother comes to town, and Faith and I chat over coffee or breakfast.

Years ago, Faith used to come twice a week to my house to stay with my daughter when I was in grad school. Now I entertain her with stories about my students, neighbors or anything else that has happened during the week that is worth sharing. Lately we have also spent some time updating Faith's Facebook page and reading funny comments posted by her friends.

We used to meet at a small coffee shop that was owned by a Korean lady. About two years ago, "our Korean Lady" closed her coffee shop and her cleaning business and retired. We had to find a new coffee shop that was easily accessible by wheelchair (not as easy as you would think). Last Saturday Faith and I were having breakfast at a nearby diner. We had just sat down when I looked to my left and saw a familiar face: "our Korean Lady" was eating breakfast right next to us!!!! What a wonderful surprise! We had not seen her since she closed up her business. But to our surprise, she is a business woman again! She has opened a new business in town. According to her, retirement did not give her enough to do!!! Can you imagine that??

Somehow Faith and I finished our breakfast really fast, and decided to take a walk outside. I was pushing Faith in the wheelchair up the hill. Workout for me for sure, but also, this walk became an evaluation of our town's sidewalk smoothness. I lost count how many times I had to turn the wheelchair around in order to get over an uneven part of a sidewalk. Should I write the city council a letter and inform them of our findings? They could hire us to walk all the city sidewalks this summer and pass on our evaluation of their suitability for wheelchairs. Might be too costly...

Saturday mornings are always full of surprises! That is why I like to share them with friends!
Do you have a Saturday morning ritual?