Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Which Method of Irrigation Should I Use?

 I have been thinking about my word for the year; irrigate.

What are some methods that irrigation is used in nature?
According to http://ga.water.usgs.gov/, flood irrigation is still used the most often. Pour water on the field, and then just allow it to flow
Another way is drip irrigation; pouring water through plastic pipes that have holes in them.
Then there is also spray irrigation. I am sure you can imagine what this would look like; especially if you have ever watered your lawn. How
 about the new better spray irrigation

So, how do these examples assist me in my endeavor to irrigate? How do I practice irrigation in my daily life? How do I refresh those around me?
How can I turn sadness, frustration, anger and disappointment into something positive? Which method of irrigation should I use?

  • flood irrigation--flood those around me with surprises, smiles, and encouragement
  • drip irrigation--spread happiness to a few well reserved or needed areas; or to a few people in need of happiness
  • spray irrigation--spray surface happiness to a larger area (not sure what the surface happiness would look like...I think my students would all say "extra credit")
  • better spray irrigation--use my resources more carefully and irrigate right at the spot where it is needed the most ( I am thinking about a teacher that feels that she is being picked on by the principal...)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One Journey

He came with unbound curly hair
and the saddest eyes with no bottom in sight.
He had no confidence.
He wondered if he should have waited to start school
until he knew more English.
He wanted to experience life,
but life had already pitched him around a few times.
He had a hard time concentrating.
"Ms, do I have to do it now? Couldn't I do it at home?"
He did not come the next day.
He came the day after,
but the work was not done.
"Ms, I just don't know how to organize my life."
There it was again: this deep sadness accompanied with a bright smile.
Next day, he didn't come again.
Talent show announcement was broadcast.
He came the next day with hair in a tight ponytail
and with joy filling at least part of each eye.
He had hope in his voice.
He wrote his journal,
and made me swallow my tears.
He made me remember 
how eyes tell us stories.
He came with a suit and tie carrying his guitar.
There was a bounce in his step.
His eyes were smiling.
He came with hope.
He played with skill and passion
He awed us all!
He received a standing applause. 
He still came with questions:
"Ms, do you think I really played well?"
But he left, with smile on his face, and a promise
to come on Monday.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Goodbye Spring Break & Welcome 4th Quarter

During the March Slice of Life challenge, someone wrote a post "Hello Spring Break." (Sorry, I can't remember who it was.) Now that my spring break is over, I thought is appropriate to say a proper goodbye to it, and a warm welcome to the last quarter of the school year.

  • goodbye morning coffee by the window
  • goodbye cooking and having friends over for dinner (at least during the week)
  • goodbye visiting friends during daylight hours
  • goodbye Slice of Life challenge 2013
  • goodbye leisurely times reading a book that has nothing to do with school
  • goodbye surfing the net looking for new ways to organize
  • goodbye listening to the bird trying to break my window (at least most of the time)
  • goodbye sleeping in on the mornings
  • goodbye for not setting my alarm
  • welcome 4th quarter
  • welcome last push for superior grades (I am totally thinking positively)
  • welcome longer days and more sunshine
  • welcome all the spring activities at school; career and multicultural day
  • welcome spring field trips
  • welcome the end of ELL testing (only a few more days and my life can begin anew
  • welcome birds early in the morning (you could find a later time to complete your daily communication)
  • welcome more frequent dusting days (you know how the sun shows everything you did not want to see)
  • welcome more leisurely blogging schedule
  • welcome a few more weeks seeing my seniors
  • welcome new students and the beginning of their  English learning process
  • welcome a few more weeks with my fellow teachers before summer break
  • welcome continued class blogging (per student request)
What are you welcoming or saying goodbye to today?

(Stacey asked the question "Why do you write?" today on the http://twowritingteachers.wordpress.com/ website. As my post today does not deal with why I write, I thought I would add a link to a post that I wrote in March Why Do I Write?. )

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Words are so Important

Words are so important;
they can heal or hurt;
they can lift you up
or tear you down.

Words are so important;
they can change the direction
of your life and
lead you to a new beginning.

Words are so important;
they can comfort you
in the midst of 
overwhelming grief.

Words are so important;
they can tell a story
either true or fiction
for pleasure or for work.

Words are so important;
they can make us laugh
or cry
or both at the same time.

Words are so important;
we yell them, we whisper them,
we shout them, we command them,
we sign them, we write them,
we ponder them, we swallow them,
we publish them, we fear them,
we sing them, we picture them,
we speak them, we broadcast them;
Words are so important.


All month in March I was never at the point of asking myself what to write. Yesterday when I started looking at my drafts or thinking about new writing, nothing felt right. Nothing was clicking. Not even writing about nothing. Then I read my daughter's blog post (You can read it here). First of all, her poem is beautiful and so full of meaning. Secondly, I started remembering that April is poetry month (can you tell that I am on spring break). Maybe a poem for me? Maybe about words?