Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Goodbye

I am sitting at home and wondering what shall I write this time. We have another funeral to go to this week: our pastor's wife suddenly passed away on Sunday. Nancy's passing is leaving a huge whole in all of our hearts; but we are also left with wonderful memories of her. Nancy was always ready with hugs and smiles. She had so much love to give! Maybe that was because she felt that God loved her so much that she could not help loving others in return.
Below are the words my daughter used to describe Nancy. I think she said it so well that I asked her if I could include her words in my blog. Here is Nancy as remembered by Dorothy:

Let me tell y'all about what Pastor Nancy has done for me. Nancy started the Single Mom's ministry when I was about six years old, a place and a community where single mothers and their children could meet, have fellowship, and be blessed. My mother and I were a part of the ministry from its very beginning, and I know that we have been so blessed by it over the years. Society looks at the child of a single mom with low expectations, with the probability that the child will grow up to become another statistic, another failure. But through growing up with the wisdom of my my mother and my family, the Vineyard Church family, Pastor Nancy Wilson (and the single mom's ministry) and the love of Christ, I have been brought to a stage in my life where I am ready to serve God and people through ministry in any way I can. Now let me tell you folks, that ain't no ordinary story; that's a miracle. Nancy, we will miss you more than words can describe. We love you.
Thank you for reading!


  1. I am sorry for your loss. I can see that Nancy's kindness is carried on by others. Your daughter's word show it, so does your writing.

  2. I know you feel the Father's arms around you, comforting you. How blessed you and your daughter were to have such a friend and minister in your lives. Your writing and your daughter's, too, honor a faithful servant. I know the ministry she started carries on through lives like yours.

  3. I love to hear about such a wonderful person. I also loved that your daughter gave her credit for starting this very necessary ministry. By they way...your daughter has an awesome writer's voice. xo

  4. She sounds like a pretty amazing woman who will continue to inspire many people.


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