Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Family Wedding, Children & Flowers

No wedding would be perfect without flowers. There were flowers on the tables at the reception. Flowers decorated the tables at the rehearsal dinner as well. An of course, the bride carries her bouquet of roses just like the bridesmaids. Well, the brides bouquet was actually bigger (and heavier) than the others.

This past Saturday was my nephew Daniel's wedding. He was marrying Julia. I was looking forward to the wedding. I even had a task: take care of the children in the wedding party (with the help of my daughter). I was a little doubtful that the 2 1/2 and 1 year old would sit together in the wagon that the 6 year old would pull. But to my surprise, the older one was perfectly happy to be pulled in the wagon--maybe the mints that we gave her also helped. The younger one obviously believed that she would see more if her father carried her to the front and then gave her to her grandmother--as she sat in the front row.

There was so much joy, happiness and laughter at the wedding.

At this wedding, some of the happiest people were the groom's grandparents. Over 100 years of marriage between the two couples. Could anyone ask for more?


  1. I loved the photographs of the grandparents - how wonderful for the new couple to have these two examples of enduring love at their wedding.

  2. It's been such a long time since I went to a wedding. The young couple has good examples to follow to keep the joy, happiness and laughter alive.

  3. lovely...blessed that both grandparents could be there...the day looks gorgeous xo

  4. The love of the day oozes through your post but your comment of 100 years of marriage between them will stay with me all week. That is a lot of living and loving!

  5. Such a joyful post! The flowers are gorgeous, and so is the love of the grandparents. Wonderful!

  6. What a happy way to start a new life. I could hear the joy in your writing and see it in the pictures. Beautiful piece of sharing.


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