Tuesday, June 11, 2013

With One Hand


What can you do with one hand?

-I remember holding my daughter's hand when she was still young enough to need her mother when walking in the park
-I open a book, hold it and disappear to a parallel universe for a few minutes (or maybe even a bit longer when school is out)
-I imagine holding my phone while listening to my mother tell all the news from back home. If I close my eyes I can still hear her voice; even the tone she used to use to remind me to send a thank you note or a birthday card to someone.
-I click on the new whiteboard marker and write the objectives on the board
-Then I use the marker or a fancy finger pointer to over the objectives to set the course for the lesson
-I can pick up any color pen and correct all those papers: WAIT!!!  My hand is crawling closer to the finish line. Only ONE more essay assignment to correct before my fingers can relax and let go of the colored pen
-One, two, three, four, five OR yksi, kaksi, kolme, nelj√§, viisi  OR 
OneTwoThreeFourFive   days until the door closes behind me until August
-I can count the months (not yet the weeks) until my daughter's departure for overseas; I can count the years for her return as well!
-with one hand I can move my mouse to make sure I post this blog before  the end of the day today

Therefore, I can be so grateful for my fingers and hands! If I can do all this with one hand, imagine what I could do with both hands? 


  1. I never thought of one hand possibilities until recently-this post and my mom breaking her hand-only one hand to do things with...two hands double the joy right?

  2. I like your gratefulness at the end... our hands are quite amazing for all they can do! I enjoyed your list.

  3. So much can be done with one hand - and I love the way you posed that last question. I'm one of those people who always frets about things I cannot do...your post makes me view things in a different way, Jaana - thank you!

  4. This reminds me of a quick write Penny Kittle had us do once when I hear her speak. It was inspired by Sarah Kay's poem "Hands." It is very cool how just one part of you can tell so much of your story.

  5. With one hand I can click publish and share my thoughts with the world and send you this comment of applause.

  6. One hand speaks a lot about you. Do you need one or two hands to count the items on your summer bucket list?
    Here's to summer!

  7. Nice! I love the visuals and the simple story of a life being lived. :-)


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