Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Traditions

This Christmas I am privileged to have my cousin and his wife travelling from Finland to spend Christmas with me. It's only been two days, and we have already laughed so much. My cousin's wife, Liisa, has reminded me so much of my mother. For some reason, Liisa's mannerism, ways of speaking, and her actions, are so similar to my mother's. It has been good to share memories with someone who was very close to my mother.

Yesterday (Christmas Eve Eve), we prepares casseroles. It always starts with Finnish rice porridge. I slowly cook the rice first in water and then in milk. I season it with salt and butter. At this point, everyone wants to already have a bowl, but after taking out enough porridge to make our carrot casserole, the porridge will have to cook for quite some time in order for it to be the perfect softness when eating. Nothing really says Christmas like perfect rice porridge for me!

Wouldn't you want to have some as well?

While the porridge is cooking to perfection, carrots need to be shredded and rutabagas need to be cut and cooked. The house is starting to smell wonderful! Carrot and Rutabaga casserole are always at my Christmas table. But this year Liisa convinced me to try something new: shredded beet, onion and blue cheese casserole! I was not so sure about the beets. After all, I don't think I have ever touched a beet that did not come from a vinegar solution! I guess I will find out later today if the beet casserole will become a new tradition or just a one time wonder.

By the time you read this, I might be sitting down for Christmas dinner, or putting the final touches on dinner preparation or gift wrapping. I wish you the best ever Christmas which ever way you celebrate this season. My your life be filled with joy, laughter, fun, peace, and most of all, LOVE!
Merry Christmas!


  1. How wonderful to be able to share your Christmas traditions with people you love.
    Have a merry day.

  2. I'll bet your kitchen smells incredible right now!

    Merry Christmas, Jaana.

  3. Love it! Tomorrow I will be making a Swedish Rice Pudding - cooked much the same way as your porridge but with sugar and cinnamon to make it sweet.
    Can't wait! Happy Holidays!

  4. Traditional foods are absolutely the best! The rice porridge looks great, but I think I'd like it with cinnamon and sugar. The beets sound intriguing, I love blue cheese. Merry Christmas Jaana!

  5. Merry Christmas, Jaana. Thanks for the peek inside your kitchen. I love the smells that accompany this holiday and the special foods we enjoy too!

  6. What different food from our Italian tradition. Thanks for sharing. Also, I am very jealous of your uber clean oven.


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