Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weather Delay

Two years ago in March, parent teacher conferences were in full swing when the weather suddenly changed. We ended up sitting on the gym floor. Thankfully all was well at the end.

Ominous clouds photographed at State and Ellsworth, near the Ann Arbor Airport.
Very near my school on Monday afternoon
Picture from freep.com
Monday afternoon, a few minutes of school left. This is the announcement that we hear: "This is a tornado warning. Please proceed to the tornado shelter area."
"Ms. is this a drill?"
"No, this is not a drill. Hurry up and let's move."

I don't know any administration that would schedule a drill three minutes before the school day is over. This was the real deal. There we sat on the gym floor again. It was hot. It was muggy. We listened to the tornado siren go off. We watched the radar on my phone. There was a lot of green, but there was a lot red as well. Sky turned really dark a couple of times. Then it would brighten up and we would think we might be able to go home. 

Ominous clouds gather over Milan, Mich., around 5 p.m.
Photo taken a few miles south of where I live
on Monday afternoon
Finally the all clear signal came. Everyone was anxious to get home. Students were hungry and tired. We needed space and fresh air.
As I started driving home, I realized that I would need to find an alternate route. Rush hour traffic combined with construction and weather issues convinced me to take a road often less traveled home. It was definitely a wise decision. I might have to wash my car (unless the rain did its job for free), but I was able to avoid all the delays!

I am so grateful that we did not end up having a tornado touch down anywhere near our school! Plans might have changed, but we were all safe!


  1. Oh Jaana, that's so scary! I'm so glad the weather passed by and everyone's safe!!! And look...you got to follow Robert Frost's advice and"...take the road less traveled". I hope it made all the difference. :)

  2. I love how your reflection turned into a new scary reality that turned into another reflection of gratitude. A powerful and scary slice with a fortunately happy ending.

  3. Scary times when the weather turns bad. So glad that all is well and you were able to see some different scenery on your way home.

  4. Oh, wow...scary indeed. So glad that you were all safe!

  5. Whew! That would be scary! Good thing you all knew exactly what to do. Glad you were safe and that all was well in the end. :)

  6. Oh my! I can think of many ways to end a school day, but this is not one of them. Glad everything worked out.

  7. Those are some scary looking clouds. Thankfully you were spared from a tornado that day. Glad you made it home safely.

  8. That is an amazing picture. I know this sounds really weird but I am petrified of tornadoes - my most common dream - but I would love to see one in real time as long as it is in a distance and I am in no danger. I am so glad you avoided it. Having a tornado warning while in school is so scary, but it is that time of year!

  9. Cool but scary pictures. I'm glad you guys were safe.

  10. Glad all was well Jaana. Our afternoons often cloud up, and we have to hold the students until lightning possibilities pass. Never fun for the little ones especially. And often scary that parents are waiting in cars.

  11. We lived in Arkansas for two years and tornados took on a whole new meaning for me - terrifying! So glad that everything worked out fine. What a hard way to end a school day - for everyone.

  12. Okay, Jaana, your post made me a little nervous. Please tell me that this doesn't happen too often. Glad all worked out and everyone was safe.

  13. It's scary when it's the real thing and not just a drill. Glad it turned out ok. Makes us grateful, and reminds us to pray for those who did have to face the storms.

  14. even reading it many days after the situation it still sounds scary. I hope that the rest of the week has been kind.


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