Friday, November 7, 2014

Strength Comes from the Lord and His Community

It has been a busy couple of weeks! Professional development to plan and prepare for, work issues popping up here and there, students not realizing (or not caring) that high school credit is not given if you fail a class, church issues are looming, student journals reveal deeper concerns that have to be dealt with, two day workshop to attend, and many other minor things that have kept me busy.

One day I really was having a hard time. I felt depressed. I was considering a day off from work, but them remembered that a volunteer was coming on that day; not choice, of to work I went.  That morning I decided to send a text to Gina who had promised to pray for me or my students . She had told me a few weeks ago to just send her a text if prayer was needed. So the request was sent. This is what I got in return:

God's favor may he be exalted over your trial.
God's love, peace and presence is with you.
God's angels are dispatched to you and working in the
hearts and minds of all who deal with you.
Let all who see you see through the eye's of God!
The enemy is bound, the favor and peace of God is loosed.
Praises to the one who covers you and seats you
in heavenly places above the power of the enemy! Amen.

That morning on my way to school, I blasted my car radio again. My favorite warfare song came on: "Break Every Chain" by Tasha Cobbs. I was breaking every chain in the name of Jesus as I was driving to school. I felt the power of Jesus. And then came the prayer from Gina. I felt that I can do what I need to do--what I believe God has called to me to do. I felt that God's community had responded. I could not have had the strength to face that day with a smile on my face without God's people, without knowing that the Lord is my strength! He will sustain me!

As I was writing this blog entry, I wanted to leave a clip of the song "Break Every Chain." Something happened while I was listening to a different version of the song. In the clip below, around 11:06 the preacher starts talking about the "chain breaker." If you are having a hard time today, take a moment and listen to his words. They just might be the words that you need to hear today. I heard my chains falling that day! There is SUCH power in the name of Jesus!

My hope and prayer is that you will experience His power in your life today!

Thank you Holly for creating this community that gives strength to each other, and pushes us to walk closer with Jesus. Read some more blogs by going to Holly's website here.


  1. Jaana, when our strength is depleted, we can lean on the Lord for He is our strength I saw His power in the funeral parlor tonight and it was powerful despite the sadness that was everywhere.

    1. Carol, I am so glad you got to experience His power and strength during this difficult time.

  2. We all need those friends with wise words. Words that offer strength and reminders that we are not alone.

  3. That is a POWERFUL prayer! What a blessing Gina is in your life, and you can feel the power the prayer brought to your life that day. Thank you for sharing the video - I hadn't heard that song before. It gives me goose bumps!

    1. Holly, we all need these praying friends!


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