Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Advent--Is Silence Part of It?

Thank you Holly for the constant encouragement
you bring to our journeys!

"Walking with Jesus is feeding the hope, not despair."
"Hope is the antidote of despair."
"Expectant hush, not a last minute rush."

These are some of the phrases that I heard last Sunday at church. 
When we are talking about the hope that the whole advent season represents, I want to to have the "expectant hush" instead of being in such a rush that I cannot even sit still. I want to have moments when I can be silent, waiting for God and waiting on God. I want to go to these moments with the expectation that God will be there as well!

Candle of Hope

You bring light to my eyes
and to my soul
Your light will shine
and free me from the darkness
You bring light to my heart
and fill it with joy
Your light will penetrate
and wash away the mistakes
You bring light to the world
and silence despair
Your light will come
and show me the way home

May His light shine on you during this season of advent. 
May the hope that He represents take you to the place of expectant hush while you sit a moment away from the last minute rush.

Wishing you a blessed advent season!


  1. Let's all embrace the hush rather than the rush.

  2. Thanks for reminding us to make time for moments of expectant hush.

  3. Take a deep breath. Ahhh. Silence! Such a peaceful post. Thank you!


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