Tuesday, May 22, 2012

She does not have you!

I was talking with one of my newer students today after class. We talked about his missing assignments and the need to DO them and TURN them in. Unfortunately, Mr.A is often more interested in playing computer games than he is completing his homework assignments. He is often eager to explain how he is learning English by playing these games.
After our chat about his homework, I asked him how is his mother's English. Knowing that his mother has been attending school as well. I even asked him, "whose English is better at this time?" Mr. A replied, "mine of course!"  I could not resist asking, "why?"
And then came the answer that made my day (and probably my whole month at least), "She does not have Mrs. Jaana!!"
In that short phrase he validated my work more than he could ever know!


  1. Sometimes the reason we teach slaps us in the face, doesn't it? It's always nice to have someone appreciate all the hard work you do - especially if it's a student! Yay for you! :)

  2. It's wonderful when you get an unexpected response and what a response that way. I could feel that you were floating on air.

  3. Aw! How affirming! It is sweet that he feels confident in his English skill, too. You have given him a lot.

  4. This made me smile as I imagined you were having a "little chat" with Mr. A about areas to improve in and then an unexpected turn. A heartfelt compliment. Very sweet!

  5. "She does not have Mrs. Jaana!!"

    Words to encourage. Thank you for your story.


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