Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photo Essays

I had fun watching my students create their own photo essays. I had students who chose to use their family's pictures and re-create a familiar story. Others decided to show a different story; this one being a love story that goes through many struggles and difficulties. One student decided to educate us all in the negative effects of drugs both on our health and also on our relationships.
Then there was the student who loves to play online games. Quite appropriately, he chose to design his photo-essay to include a meeting online:-)
The reflections were also interesting reading. Students were able to express their own reasons to designing what they did, and then articulating what they learned from the other's presentations. All in all, I think this assignment went well. I have to admit I was a bit nervous as it was something that I had not done previously.

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  1. You drew me in, but now I want to see them! I am trying to envision what the essays actually look like. What was the process? What was the presentation method? I got all excited and am left with a lot of wonderings! :) Do you have a previous post explaining the assignment? Can you hear how direly I want to know more?? This sounds like a project RIGHT up my alley... I am glad it went well for you!


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