Friday, September 21, 2012

Sometimes, when I write....

Inspired by Kate Messner's blog on September 21, 2012:

Sometimes, when I write the words that scream to be out and put on the paper (or screen). Other times, the scenarios are quite different:
I want to find the write word, but I don't know it in English.
I know that I am a good writer, but the words that I want to use don't translate into  English in the right way.
I know the vowel sounds in English--at least the simple ones, but why does /a/ have so many different sounds? Wouldn't one be enough?
And what is with the /ck/ when you only pronounce one of letters anyway?
Sometimes, when I write, I just can't the write vowel sound no matter what I try. Should I rely on the spell checker?

Sometimes, when I write, I want to use an online dictionary to help me. I know the word I want to use--just not in English. I write the word /tärkeä/ on the online translator, and I get 12 different words as the translation! Which one should I choose? See the difference:
This message is very important.
This message is very urgent.
This message is very consequential.
This message is very material.
This message is very seminal.
This message is very grave.
Sometimes, when I write, translations confuse me.

Sometimes, when I write, I get all mixed up with the prepositions in English.
I mean, think: You have to "turn off" the lights but you "close the book". Why can't you "close off the book"? And please don't tell me that would change the
meaning--I hear that all the time. What about the word "at"? We are "at" school, and don't yell "at" me? How is there consistency in this usage?
Sometimes, when I write, the mechanics of English pull me down.

But other times, when I write, I don't care if  my language is perfect; I just want my words to tell the story. I want my words to touch somebody. I want my
words--even when they are imperfect--to carry a message to  my readers.

Sometimes, when I write, it is not about perfect grammar or following an English lesson, it is about the fun, the enjoyment that writing brings into my life. I write because I want to!

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