Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Goodbye Spring Break & Welcome 4th Quarter

During the March Slice of Life challenge, someone wrote a post "Hello Spring Break." (Sorry, I can't remember who it was.) Now that my spring break is over, I thought is appropriate to say a proper goodbye to it, and a warm welcome to the last quarter of the school year.

  • goodbye morning coffee by the window
  • goodbye cooking and having friends over for dinner (at least during the week)
  • goodbye visiting friends during daylight hours
  • goodbye Slice of Life challenge 2013
  • goodbye leisurely times reading a book that has nothing to do with school
  • goodbye surfing the net looking for new ways to organize
  • goodbye listening to the bird trying to break my window (at least most of the time)
  • goodbye sleeping in on the mornings
  • goodbye for not setting my alarm
  • welcome 4th quarter
  • welcome last push for superior grades (I am totally thinking positively)
  • welcome longer days and more sunshine
  • welcome all the spring activities at school; career and multicultural day
  • welcome spring field trips
  • welcome the end of ELL testing (only a few more days and my life can begin anew
  • welcome birds early in the morning (you could find a later time to complete your daily communication)
  • welcome more frequent dusting days (you know how the sun shows everything you did not want to see)
  • welcome more leisurely blogging schedule
  • welcome a few more weeks seeing my seniors
  • welcome new students and the beginning of their  English learning process
  • welcome a few more weeks with my fellow teachers before summer break
  • welcome continued class blogging (per student request)
What are you welcoming or saying goodbye to today?

(Stacey asked the question "Why do you write?" today on the http://twowritingteachers.wordpress.com/ website. As my post today does not deal with why I write, I thought I would add a link to a post that I wrote in March Why Do I Write?. )


  1. Wow! Continued student blogging - by request! How great is that?!

  2. Ooh, it's always so hard to say "goodbye" to Spring Break! I love how you transitioned to a list of wonderful welcomes though! I need to check out your class blog again, but I've been crazy in the midst of designing and beginning a new unit on dictators in my advanced class. I will try to stop by soon though! While my students keep saying they want to blog more, they haven't quite gotten used to the fact that it's on Tuesdays now... hopefully more will post next week! (I definitely forgot to talk it up today, whoops!)

  3. I, too, just ended my Spring Break. I will miss reading for me and the SOL Challenge, too. I'll also miss no responsibilities. :)

  4. I like that you took the time for a proper goodbye and so many welcomes for the 4th quarter. I've said goodbye to The Today Show, goodbye to pajama days, and goodbye to more time to read. I'm welcoming longer days, hopefully more sunshine, and lots of fun activities for poetry month.

  5. I love the format of your poem! It is sad to say goodbye but you have some things to look forward too. I always wrote a goodbye to summer, hello to back to school with my students at the beginning of the year.

  6. Like several others, I love the way you organized this with not only goodbyes, but also hellos. My biggest goodbye is book a day, and meeting friends during the day. Hello longer light and hello spring colors!

  7. I like that post lists are filled with positive. My spring break is two weeks away (no, just 6 school days away.) Can't wait for no alarm, and reading for pleasure. The last 6 weeks of school will go by fast.


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