Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Which Method of Irrigation Should I Use?

 I have been thinking about my word for the year; irrigate.

What are some methods that irrigation is used in nature?
According to http://ga.water.usgs.gov/, flood irrigation is still used the most often. Pour water on the field, and then just allow it to flow
Another way is drip irrigation; pouring water through plastic pipes that have holes in them.
Then there is also spray irrigation. I am sure you can imagine what this would look like; especially if you have ever watered your lawn. How
 about the new better spray irrigation

So, how do these examples assist me in my endeavor to irrigate? How do I practice irrigation in my daily life? How do I refresh those around me?
How can I turn sadness, frustration, anger and disappointment into something positive? Which method of irrigation should I use?

  • flood irrigation--flood those around me with surprises, smiles, and encouragement
  • drip irrigation--spread happiness to a few well reserved or needed areas; or to a few people in need of happiness
  • spray irrigation--spray surface happiness to a larger area (not sure what the surface happiness would look like...I think my students would all say "extra credit")
  • better spray irrigation--use my resources more carefully and irrigate right at the spot where it is needed the most ( I am thinking about a teacher that feels that she is being picked on by the principal...)


  1. I like how you keep coming back to your OLW and thinking of ways to connect it to your life. Flood people with smiles. The image is so positive.

  2. Flood irrigation....sounds much needed in the world these days.

  3. Those around you will surely flourish with the irrigation you provide them. Interesting pondering!

  4. Jaana, I will use flood irrigation today. Smile all the time and not get upset by little details. A fun analogy.
    Oh, I was planted in the US Soil in August of 1990 as well.

  5. I noticed that your irrigation examples are all great ways to promote positivity and that is something everyone could use a bit of at this point!


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