Saturday, June 21, 2014

It Is Time to Celebrate

Thank you Ruth for encouraging us to celebrate life and its happenings!

Today I celebrate:

The beginning if summer break.......
I have been waiting for this more this year than most recent years.

My friend Annika coming for a visit from Australia......
We had not seen each other in 21 years, yet we have talked like it has only been a few months since we last saw each other. I have been blessed by Annika sweet spirit, encouragement and joy that she has brought to my life this week!

My new great niece that was born just last night.....
Gloriana Hope came to this world after a really long labor! She is safely here and I hope to go see her today!

I have loved looking at all the photos that my Finnish friends have posted online about their midsummer celebrations. It has made me feel connected to my roots.

Stress leaving my shoulders......
I am slowly starting to feel like there is less weight on my shoulders. Watching the blue sky, chatting with good friends, going to places just for fun, really has been the medicine that I needed to kick start my summer break. I think that by next week, I am ready to think about some summer PD options. Beginning to read professional books.....This week I am reading to escape. Laura M's photos of Greece definitely will help me to visualize relaxing in a different place.

Happy celebrating to you all!


  1. So great to see friends. Congrats on the great niece. Like you I am enjoying my summer break. It has taken more than a week to begin to truly relax. Enjoy!

  2. I love the kind of friendship in which despite time and distance you can carry a conversation like there was no interruption! Enjoy some r&r!

  3. Wishing you a restful and inspiring summer. In Estonia right now we have a rather cold and rainy weather. It doesn't feel like summer. Fortunately the strawberries are ready. At least it tastes like summer.

  4. Congratulations on your great niece! New babies are so exciting!!! Have a wonderful visit with your friend!! Happy Summer!

  5. Stress leaving your shoulders is so important, if even for a while. We need these breaks. Relax, enjoy that newest member of your family, and breathe.

  6. You are just starting your break and next week marks the half way point for mine! You are celebrating all the wonderful things about life - babies, friends, vacations! I hope the stress continues to leave and you find the time to do the things YOU want to do! Enjoy!

  7. You have wonderful reasons to celebrate!


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