Thursday, July 3, 2014

God is Definitely Capacious

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I came home tonight and read Holly's wonderful post. In her post, Holly asks, "How has God made your life capacious?"

I started to think.......then I thought some more......

How can I really write about this topic.......???

And then it all became very clear:

One of the teacher assistants at my school has had a problem with her hip for many years. Finally she was going to have the surgery. She was really worried how she as a single mother would manage all that it entails. My friend and I had promised that we will help her out this summer and make sure that she is well taken care of.

Yesterday was the surgery. Everything went well. Throughout the surgery I believe that she was resting in God's capacious hand. But here is where the story gets even better:

We went to visit her this afternoon. There she was, laying in bed, but so happy to see us. She wanted us in the room when the nurse was talking with her.  A few minutes after that two other friends came for a visit. As we talked, one of the other ladies said that her daughter works at the same hospital and will bring her special food tomorrow on her way to work. It is Ramadan and everyone is cooking special foods at home. This same friend also mentioned that her son works actually at the same floor as our friend H. is staying.

Then came to OT. What a sweet woman she was. I realized that I know her boss very well! Then came the rehab coordinator. I was not shy and I asked if she could arrange transportation to the rehab facility on Monday. An hour later we found out that the transportation was ll set!! The came the doctor. She gave H. her e-mail address in case she has questions as she won't be at the hospital for the next three days. Are you starting to see God's hand--his capacious hand--in all this?

H. was also very happy that they are keeping her at the hospital until Monday because the rehab facility is not taking any new patients during the holiday weekend.

Then came the above mentioned friend's son for a visit. Through him we found out that he had recommended a private room for H. And she got one! It is definitely easier that she does not need to worry about being covered all the time. He can also speak Arabic if H. would need that assistance.

As my friend and I were getting ready to leave, three more ladies walked in. I recognized as mothers who have children at our school. One of then came bringing food for H! This made H. very happy!

I think H. was starting to get tired, but she was rejoicing in the visitors and phone calls that she had received while we were there. I think her brother's call from overseas made her especially happy.

I know that I wrote about many details, but as I think about these details, I really see H. resting in God's capacious hand! God is holding H. in his hand; she is secure and well taken care of. God is showing her how much he really loves her. 

For me, this is showing again how God cares about both the small and the big things in our lives. God is again demonstrating that no detail is too small for him to take care of. As the OT left, I went to talk to her to request that H. could have a female OT this weekend (as this one was off for a couple of days). Today's OT understood and promised to make that request. When I shared this with the ladies, we had a few good laughs about how important it is to learn how to put on your underwear after hip surgery, and how much easier it will be when a female OT is the one teaching you how to do it! 

Today, I am happy that I am on a journey with a capacious God!


  1. I'm so glad the surgery went well. I love how all of the details miraculously "fell into place". Haha, no falling...that was all God. Jaana, what an uplifting and inspiring post. Thank yoU!

    1. Isn't it great to see how God organizes everything!

  2. All is well in these willing helpful hands. Not only are things going well for H, but all of you who are helping are living out His call to service. You are benefitting as well. Thanks for sharing such an uplifting story.

    1. I love sharing these uplifting moments with others!

  3. Really nice use of today's word. Thanks for sharing your inspiration. God does care about the little and big things in our lives..

  4. What a great story! I love when you said that God cares about the small things as well as the big. I so believe that! Sometimes we hesitate asking for those small things, but his hands are capacious enough to hold it all! Thank you for your great post and linking up!!!

    1. I love linking up! Thanks for starting this Holly!


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