Thursday, July 24, 2014

On a Journey with God

As I was reading Holly's tweet and blog post this morning, I realized that my post will go very well along with what Holly is sharing today on the topic of Spiritual Journey Thursday. Join us to share about your spiritual journey.

This past Sunday evening was special. My niece's husband was ordained as Army Chaplain. This is something that he has been dreaming and working towards for many years. Now it is formal.

What do I see in Peter's future?

Peter is a man of God. He is always searching for God. He takes his job as a chaplain very seriously. He understands that the soldiers that he will have contact with come from many different backgrounds. Some of them will know God, and others will have no idea what a relationship with God means. He will encounter people who have a long journey with God and others that in the midst of their PTSD don't even know if there is a God.

Peter will bring hope. Life can at times be pretty dark. Only light can bring hope that will drive away the darkness. This is what I see Peter doing. His words, his actions, his testimony. He will be the messenger of hope.

Peter will bring love. When Pastor Jonathan was giving his charge to Peter during the ceremony, he reminded Peter of all the important things. But the most important, he said, is love. Peter will not just be the person who walks along with his fellow soldiers, but he will also be the one who brings them a message of true love; of eternal love; of Father's love. He will share the love that can conquer all. 

This is the beginning of Peter's journey in this part of his life. He will be shocked, devastated, triumphant, and everything in between. There will be trying times, and there will be times of great joy. All of these are part of the journey we take when we decide to follow God. Despite the trials, separations from family, and other difficulties, Peter can rest assured that he is not alone on this journey! God has promised to walk right beside him. God has promised to give him strength. God has promised to provide. God has promised to love and comfort. God has promised to never leave him or forsake him. God has promised to forgive. God has promised to be there until the very end.

Peter, you are in good hands; you are in God's hands.


  1. Congratulations to Peter! That's amazing!! I love this line Jaana, " All of these are part of the journey we take when we decide to follow God." It's so true!!! Blessings and prayers to Peter!

    1. That line was so true in your post today as well!

  2. I love the structure of this post (as a writer) and the message (as a child of God.) Peter is in good hands and sounds like he is prepared for this journey. Blessings to him.

    1. Peter is special! I am sure he will appreciate the blessings coming his way!

  3. Jaana,
    This is a beautiful post, and a blessing to Peter to have family members who are invested in his spiritual journey. My brother was just ordained as a deacon several months ago. I couldn't be any more proud, watching him lay his life down for others is so inspiring.

    You're story of Peter is a blessing not only for the people he will minister to, but for those of us who read this post, and are reminded of his story. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Thank you Greg for your kind words! Peter is a special young man!


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