Monday, September 15, 2014

It Is Slice of Life Time!!

Where did the last few weeks go? I feel like I have been too busy to write.
It is time to re-evaluate and set priorities. I need to take back my writing time!

At school I have so many new students that it is taking a really long time to set routines. And once we do, new students come, and we start again. But there are also great things happening at our school:

  • I have TWO students teachers this semester.
  • One of my student teachers is a native Spanish speaker!!!
    • Last Friday we had a wonderful conversation with my Guatemalan student. His mother had talked to us a couple of days prior, and expressed her concern that her son does not want to go to university. After talking with the son, we found out that he did not think that he could go to university. I'm so glad we were able to explain to him that of course he could go! We gave a few more details and ideas of what he needs to do to make it happen (i.e. make sure that he does his math homework).
  • Next week a few of us from school are going to be presenting at a state level conference on how we continue to help our at risk students. This is a wonderful opportunity to share with other educators what we are doing that is making a difference! (Remember, we are about 45% ELL!!)
  • A couple of my senior girls really stepped up during the first week of school!
    • Our kindergarten para was out sick which meant that they had no Arabic speaker in Kindergarten. My students used they time to volunteer and help out the teachers! I was so proud of them!
  • Everybody got together before students came and made all the displays in the hallways look wonderful! There was so much teamwork happening! It is so much more colorful to walk through the hallways now!
It really has been a great start for a new school year!


  1. These are great celebrations! Best of luck at your conference presentation!!

    Sweet Writing Life

  2. Jaana,
    So many great celebrations for this year! What a wonderful start!

  3. We have an Arabic speaking teacher for the first time this year and it has been a godsend. Now, if only we can find a Nepali speaking teacher.....

  4. Sounds like you have a great team to work with this year. Should be great opportunities to share your classroom. How cool.

  5. The fact that your students stepped up to help out shows the impact you have had on them. Congratulations.

  6. What a fabulous start, Jaana! Bravo!

  7. Sounds wonderful, Jaana, especially that your student teacher can help you with students immediately. Great to hear.

  8. I live in such a sheltered part of the world! We have very few, if any non-English speaking students. I am always so impressed with what you do!

  9. I love that folks chipped in to get the hallways brightened up and decorated. So many positive things happening ! Happy new school year to you!


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