Saturday, September 13, 2014

Truth--Is There just One Truth? Or Can We Negotiate?

Thank you Holly for creating a space for us
to ponder the deeper meanings of life.
I have been thinking about truth for the whole week. What does truth mean for me at school, and what does it mean for me in the more deeper sense--in my spiritual journey?

At school I often struggle with truth as my English Language Learners often ask me, "Ms. my English is really good now, right?"  Do I tell them the truth about them having made progress, but still being far from being good, or do I let them live in this utopian-positive-world that only gives students encouragement without telling them the truth? Or what about the teacher who wonders what to do with the students who are not making progress, but spends independent reading and writing time correcting papers instead of working with the students. Should I tell this teacher the truth so that she/he will move away from his/her desk?

Yesterday I had to give one of my high school students a warning. I explained that his behavior was not respectful and it had to change. He was fine during the class. At the end of of class, he came to say he had a question: "Ms. do you like me?" This time telling the truth was easier as I do like him (at least most of the time:)) So when I replied, "Of course!" He in turn said, "Really?" 

What about at church? Is truth always absolute at church? Jesus died for our sins. Yes, there is no changing that truth. Jesus is coming back. Yes, there is no changing that truth either. God is the God of love and mercy. That is the truth. But what about everything else. God guides me through life. Is that an absolute truth? I believe so. God speaks to us even today. I believe so. God heals people. I believe it is true.

But then come the difficult questions: what is the truth about abortion or homosexuality? Is there a right way to worship God and a wrong way? Is one way closer to the truth than the other? Does the abortion dilemma have only one absolute truth? What about homosexuality? Does it have only one truth in our church community?

For me, there are many clear truths, but there are also as many questions that I still ponder. What questions about truth are making you wonder today?


  1. Oh Jaana, I love this post. I sometimes get lost in these difficult questions too. I'm so glad that so many of us struggle with the concept of truth. It makes me feel less alone in my struggle. Thank you for your honest and thoughtful post!

  2. Lots of good questions here, Jaana! These are things we're discussing in our small group.

  3. The conversation is important -- and the questions are valuable . . . keep engaging and keep trusting. As a human, I know I don't have all of the answers - my perspective is very narrow compared to God's . . . I just have to trust in Him to find His truth.


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