Friday, February 20, 2015

Diving and Saving

Holly created this wonderful opportunity to connect with others on our spiritual journeys. Spiritual Journey Thursdays are a time to slow down, think deeper, dig deeper, reflect on my journey with God, and learn by connecting with God and other God followers. Join me and others as we travel on this journey each Thursday with Holly and friends. This week we are writing about Greg Armanmentos's One Little Word: Dive. 

One cold morning I woke up early. Looked at the clock and decided I had a few extra minutes to catch up with friends overseas via Facebook. I never expected to read about my friends' daughter who had been found dead in Florida. She had been in Florida to complete an internship. Enjoying sunshine and warm weather. One phone call home where she sounded a little "off", and the next call informed that she had been found drowned.

What does one say in that moment? How does one answer to the grief that grips parents when their child is taken so suddenly and with no reason? Words seem so incomplete. Parents' questions multiples with no guarantees of answers. Thousands of miles separating us. 

Why was she taken so early? 

What was God's plan for her? Was it already complete?

Do I pray for the perpetrator to be caught and brought to justice?  Or was there one? Was it just an accident? 

I truly feel so inadequate to offer comfort when my friends are facing so many unanswered questions. 

Perhaps my only answer is to just pray and let them dive into God's arms. Or pray that they are able to find God's arms and feel them around them and their other children. 

I don't have answers. 

I have to trust that God has answers. 

I hope that He will provide us some of those answers as well.

"Father, when they are ready to dive into your arms, catch them, and hold then tightly. Let them feel your arms, your love, your comfort."


  1. I'm sorry that your friend is dealing with this pain; as a parent, I cannot fathom the pain. Grateful that you have the perspective of diving into God's arms to help with the pain. Praying that she feels His arms around her.

  2. This is so raw and real. Tough questions. No answers. Why? Recently a daughter of a couple we are social with died in her sleep at age 30. There are no answers. We only need to be present and let them know we care. What else can we do? I love your prayer asking for God's arms to wrap them in comfort.

    1. When you are not close by, God's arms are there!

  3. So sorry to read about your friend's daughter. Definitely a parent's worst nightmare. I think your prayers for comfort are the perfect answer!

  4. So sorry this is late. What a tragedy. I am sure your prayers are comforting words to them even if they coming across the miles. Prayer has no distance.


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