Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reflecting on Romeo and Juliet

Reflecting on Romeo and Juliet

My students have been working on photo-essays on love and marriage. We have read part of Romeo and Juliet, watched part of the movie, and now we are working on expressing what love and marriage means to us with photos.
To give my students an idea what an photo essay might look like, I took out my photo album and scanned pictures from when I first dated, got engaged, married and had  my daughter. Some of my students did not even recognize me!

As I have previewed the photo essays, or worked with my students to create them, I have noticed that some of my students have created extensive stories that go through the whole life time of two people in love. Two of my students insisted that they needed a picture of a cemetery! I asked, why? One of them explained, "that's how life ends. You know, you die. Everyone dies."

I am looking forward to the presentations later this week. I am especially looking forward to observing the reactions of my students as they watch the presentations their classmates have created.
It also makes me wonder if and how much the presentations would be different if we had waited to do this assignment after reading Romeo and Juliet--not just reading part of it. Maybe next time, I will wait later in the story to do this assignment. Until then, double happiness to all!

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  1. I bet that your students loved seeing your photos! My 8 year old was just outside hand across her forehead saying, "Romeo, oh Romeo..." It made me smile. She knows that line from a children's remake with seals - we don't sit around reading the original together - not yet at least...


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