Sunday, April 1, 2012

Life after Slice of Life

I knew I had to get up a bit earlier today to cook a dish for church lunch (as the lazy bug inflicted me on Saturday). But I have to admit that I had a hard time getting up; maybe because I stayed up way too late to watch a movie on Hulu.  I had calculated that one hour would be enough time to cook my dish.
I came downstairs, started my dish, ground the coffee beans, started brewing fabulous coffee, and decided to check my cell phone. SURPRISE, surprise, my alarm clock upstairs had switched to daylight savings time (you know, according to the old schedule)!!!!  I had gotten up an HOUR earlier than I thought! No wonder the house was so quiet!
So, the dish is cooking, coffee is done...what to do? No slice to write today. Seems strange. Well, nobody says I can;t write even though the Slice of Life challenge is over for the year. Here I am. Enjoying my morning coffee, second day of spring break, contemplating breakfast while smelling the main dish cooking in the kitchen, and watching the morning news. Oh, here comes the weather report; let's see if we will see the sun today? Who knows, maybe I will get a few more things accomplished this morning--with the extra hour.


  1. Nothing to do, so you slice. I love it!

  2. A perfect morning. It is always a surprise when extra time becomes available. Writing seems a just right choice to use it.
    See you tomorrow.


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