Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Remember....from back home

I remember when the bus used to go straight right here--now the road is only for bikes.
I remember when I knew every building and street name around here.
I remember when I could tell which one of my friends lived on this or that street.
I remember the bookstore where I used to buy all my school books is located--now it sells sewing supplies (wonder what happened to school books??)
I remember the church where our youth group used to meet--it looks so quiet now.
I remember the lake where my dad and I used to go swimming--wonder what it looks today.
I remember walking to school and crossing the bridge on the way there--now there is a new bridge that does not shake.
I remember the second floor windows and my 4th grade class. Now the school is closing...
I remember the librarian who was always finding books for me to read--even in English.
I remember walking or driving with my dad to pick up my mom from work.
I remember many things with joy and happiness!

I love to remember, but I am happy to live in the present!


  1. Love this, but you also reminded me of the delight in going to buy the new books for school. I don't think that happens anymore. Maybe there's a fee, but they're given out at school? Things do change & it's a surprise when we return, isn't it? Echoes... Thanks!

  2. It was enjoyable to walk with you through your childhood memories. This was best, "I love to remember but I am happy to live in the present."

  3. Remembering what was and what is now. I also choose the present, but the past is still part of today in amny ways. You wrote great prompts for my own memories, too!

  4. I enjoyed reading the various types of memories that were coming back to you. Just when I was starting to imagine a longing, you added a twist with the ending that let us know that you are content with the present. What a special feeling, enjoying thinking back but still able to appreciate the present.

  5. It is always great to have those memories which make us appreciate what we have today. I think your last lines says it all. Thanks for sharing your childhood memories.

  6. I agree with Judy, your last line says it all. Why is your school closing? What happened to it? We had a similar thing happen at the school where I teach. I closed. We were all very sad.

  7. This is a great mentor text. It inspires me to try one and let my students try one too. It would be great for my incoming 6th graders to remember elementary school or even the summer just past. My favorite line - "I remember when I could tell which one of my friends lived on this or that street." I love to do that when I visit my hometown.

  8. Sweet memories. So many changes. I was curious to see the resolution of your story. I would love to know what is in your life now that you enjoy.

    In the story there appears to be regret and sorrow in your memories, The church is quiet, the school is closing.


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