Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bon Voyage & Hyvää Matkaa

Today is the day!
I am flying out in the evening. Little nervous; I haven't flown by myself in over 20 years. But excited at the same time. I have my kindle ready, suitcases waiting to be packed, laundry is done, mental preparedness is almost completed and clear plastic bags are ready to be stuffed with items (you know to easily take out in case of suitcase inspection).

But now comes the problem: should I pack for 90° weather or for 65° weather? What about shoes?? I need shows for walking, some more walking, easy slip-ons and maybe a one nice pair too. Tennis shoes or Danskos?? Or both? Okay, I might be able to figure this out.

What about a handbag? Should I take a carry on and a small handbag? Or carry on and a little bigger purse? What kind of purse will I need for the next three weeks? One with a zipper or one with just a snap closer? What about a wallet? Do I take one for all the American stuff and another for Euros? Or do I take one and just put everything in it? 

What about books, pens, markers and journals? Do I still need to take at least a couple of books in addition to my kindle? Oh yeah, I can't forget the charger for my Kindle--otherwise what good will it be for me? What about writing? Will I feel like writing on the plane? Journaling? Plotting my next story? Maybe jotting down some observations I can later use in a story?? Or will this be just weird??

Why am I even pondering these choices? Because I can't predict the weather. Because I don't know if I will need a cross-body handbag or just one that goes on my shoulder. Because I am not sure if I will need beach attire or just hanging out attire. That reminds me, should I take a beach towel with me? Will I be brave enough to swim if the air temperature is only around 70°? 
What about an extra bag in case I will want to bring more stuff  back to the US? Or should I just ship the stuff as second bag will be an extra expense anyway? Will I bring mom's china back with me or sell it?? Decisions, decisions to make...

But hey, I still have few more hours before it is time to head to the airport. 
And next time, my stories will be about fun things, wonderful people that I haven't seen in years, and of course, delicious foods that I also haven't tasted in years. Until then, Bon Voyage! 


  1. Have a wonderful trip, now that the hardest part, geting ready, is over. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I believed that maybe I was the only one who struggled with such things.

  2. Your post reminded me that I am not alone in my anxiety when getting ready to travel. I always avoid packing until the last minute because there are so many decisions to be made. I love that you ended knowing that good things are coming your way.

  3. How exciting! I love how you shared all the little uncertainties of packing -- sounds just like the process I go through before a big trip! Have a wonderful time, and be sure to take in all the sights and sounds and feelings so you can share them with us when you get back! :-)

  4. Oh I hate packing. I always have to repack like 3 times to try and take out some of the stuff because I over pack wanting to make sure I am ready for all types of situations and weather. And then the trip happens and I wear the same thing most days anyway. ;) Your slice captured very well the excitement and anxiety that we feel prior to travel. Have a wonderful journey. We look forward to reading about it soon.

  5. Bon Voyage! Have a wonderful time. Enjoy every moment-can you just take notes on your kindle? Less is more-you don't want to be lugging more things around than you have to...

  6. Less is more...but don't leave behind what you might truly regret not having. My rule of thumb is usually take what you can carry yourself if you have to...but I still agonize over the choices as you do. You have plenty of what you need- excitement and anticipation! Have a great time! Can't wait to hear about your reunions and adventures...

  7. Wow! Lots of decisions! Have a wonderful trip! And I agree with everyone else, less to carry and keep track of is always better!


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