Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meeting Terje in Estonia

When I started blogging this past March, I did not know if anyone would ever read my blog or comment on what I have written. To my surprise, people read my blog and they COMMENTED! I love you all!!
I was especially thrilled when Terje commented on my post the first time! Her name was both familiar and intriguing at the same time. I decided to see if Terje shared on her blog where she is from. To my surprise, I found out that she lives in Estonia! If you don't yet know, I am Finnish; Finnish language and Estonian language have many similarities.
Soon after beginning my blog, I started planning my trip to Finland this summer.
I wanted to go see my relatives and friends. About the time that I bought my plane ticket, I read a post about two bloggers meeting each other, and how much fun that had been. I started wondering if I might be able to meet Terje?? First of all, I love going to Tallinn, Estonia! Its old city is beautiful, full of small shops, lovely cafes and just walking the old cobblestone streets is relaxing.
I finally decided to be courageous and e-mail Terje if she would like to meet this summer. To my surprise and joy, Terje also wanted to meet!!! Everything about the timing of my friend and I going to Estonia, to Terje coming into town from vacation worked out perfectly. Even the weather honored our meeting! The rain stopped and we enjoyed a wonderful time walking in the old city of Tallinn and having coffee in this quaint cafe situated in one of the courtyards in the old city.

Here we sat outside and just talked!!! My childhood friend commented that we talked like we had known each other for a long time!
I know that I have a connection on the other side of the world!

Terje and I sitting in the cafe.


Enjoying these lovely chocolates! And of course, coffee!

I felt very blessed that day, and will remember that day with joy!


  1. How exciting! Isn't it fun to meet a fellow blogger in person? You have the added excitement of being in a different country. So cool! Those chocolates look amazing too.

  2. This is a lovely happy ending to your plans. I'm glad you had such a good meeting. It will be so exciting if I ever get to meet some of my blogger friends. Thank you for telling us.

  3. I love this story. I too hope to meet many of the bloggers that I have met through slicing. It is exhilarating to see a face that goes with all the encouragement and support we all give each other!

  4. I agree with others - what a fun experience. I am happy for both of you to have been able to met. It is so interesting how through the blogging world we can feel like we know others fairly well, especially through the SOLS.


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