Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Candlelight service
Joy to the World sang with real joy
presents given and received
Rutabaga casserole baked and eaten
--or just tasted by some:-)
Tea with cinnamon and vanilla
coffee with desert trifle
Laughing and enjoying
the company
surrounded by love!
Next year 
might be so different
children moving, growing up
will traditions stay or 
The place to celebrate may change
but the message stays the same:
"Joy to the World, the Lord is come"


  1. You have captured your Christmas perfectly! As for the rutabaga casserole, I might be one of those who taste it. :-)

    1. Elsie, maybe you just have never tasted one that is good :-)

  2. I am sitting by the cozy fire with family in that in between time after presents and before feasting. Everyone is doing something different and I get to reflect on Christmas through your eyes. Rutabaga casserole might be scrumptious but I am not conviced :)! I am with Elsie though I would at least try it. Merry Christmas and well put the message stays the same.

    1. Thank you Kim! I am making another rutabaga casserole for friends who are coming for dinner tomorrow :-)

  3. Lovely to hear your words put together, rutabaga casserole & all. I would include squash soup, loved by many, but not all! The message is the same, Joy to the world. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Linda! I hope that yours was a blessed season as well!

  4. So thankful for the beautiful, unchanging message!

    Rutabaga casserole...hmmm...probably like cooked cabbage on New Year Day. My mom enticed us into trying it by putting a dime in it. The person who found it was promised the best luck in the New Year... but only if they ate all the cabbage they scooped out trying to find the dime!

    1. I have to admit I would take the rutabaga any day over cooked cabbage --even with a dime in it.....celebrating our differences as well!


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