Monday, January 6, 2014

Celebrating Snow and Snow Day

This morning the sun was shining, snow had stopped; it was time to get outside and start digging out. But first, I had to get my front door open. It was a good thing we did not get any more snow. Check out the photo and you will understand.

Getting outside was just the first step. I still had to shovel my way to the car. Without the sticks, I might not even have known where the sidewalk begins.

Once I got beyond my front porch and started walking (well, my fitbit actually counted my walking as climbing stairs), the scenery was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Check this picture that I can see from my living room window.

The snow plow was ready as soon as the residents had dug out their cars. I had a chance to talk to some neighbors that I had chatted with since the summer. Waiting for the plow gave us a chance to connect.

During the times when the wind calmed down, I took my camera out and my gloves off for a few seconds to get a photos. Eventually the wind got to me and I had to go inside to stay warm with cup of hot coffee. I think I might even be ready for hot chocolate by now.

Enjoy the SNOW!! Discover the joy of God's creation!


  1. We were right on the freezing line so we received more rain in the beginning. If it would have been a little more south we would be sharing similar scenario! You sure did get a lot of snow, stay warm!

  2. Just went outside to move my car. It is SOOOO much colder now than a three hours ago! Maybe a "freeze day" tomorrow!

  3. Replies
    1. But it was so much fun! (That was before it got really cold!)

  4. Beautiful! I love those days when the world stops and I get to be quiet and reconnect with neighbors that I hardly see during the school year!

    1. You are so right Carol! Enjoying one more snow day!


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