Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finnish cousins

I loved my trip to Finland! One of the special days during the trip was to go to a family reunion. This was family on my paternal grandmother's side (mind you I never met my grandmother as she had passed before I was born).
It had been at least 21 years since I had seen any of these relatives. I went with my cousins. It was a beautiful summer day. Raining while driving but sun coming through just as we arrived at the reunion.
The reunion took place at the farm where I rode a horse the first time, heard the cousins (or actually my dad's cousins) talking with a specific accent (signaling where they were actually from), and getting to taste foods that only my dad's family would cook.

Meeting with the cousins again was truly special! All of them are in their mid to late 80s. Possibly the last time that I will see these cousins. I had the opportunity to talk with them, look at old photos together and try to figure out the dates and people in the photos. My dad's cousins are also singers. So it did not take long after dinner when the signing started. It was a treat! Too hear their harmonies and familiar tunes that I had not heard for a long time; and a chance to sing along (with lyrics provided).
I am so grateful for this opportunity! And yes, we had the younger generation with us as well! And let's not forget: Finnish summer=cream cake with fresh berries!


  1. Time with family is always a celebration, especially when you live so far apart. I think it is awesome that you've been able to keep in contact with these cousins. Plus that cake looks fantastic!

    1. Elsie, the time was really special! And the cake is wonderful; it was also filled with cream and fresh berries!

  2. Wow, what a special opportunity! 21 years is a long time, especially knowing you are so far apart. I hope you took plenty of wonderful pictures of everyone together -- maybe you can make a scrapbook or photobook? (P.S. I can't believe you had never ridden a horse! I bet that was exciting!)

  3. What a wonderful chance to reconnect with your beloved family members from Finland. I could almost hear you all singing.

    Great pics too!


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