Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Boxes, mess, botanical garden and time with my niece

Unpacking boxes in a new room
sitting and trying to visualize how to organize everything
Why is the space between the windows too small for a bookcase? Shouldn't there be a standard??
How about a magic fairy who comes and puts all the bookcases together, and moves them into the correct places without anyone straining her back?

Uniform rules, sign in procedures, tardy rules, supplies, sub plans, so many things to think about and I don't even have my files in the cabinet yet!

But while I sat in a meeting this morning my daughter and my niece came and helped me file reports! Sunshine moment!
After work, having dinner with my niece, and then walking around the botanical gardens. Sunshine moment!
At home, watching my niece eat an ice cream cone that only took three bites! I guess we should have read the label a bit more carefully! Sunshine moment!

And tomorrow I get to go back to work and continue to organize my bookshelves--hopefully in the correct places in my new classroom. Sunshine moment!


  1. Sunshine moment! What a burst of hope! I really like that little phrase.

  2. Setting up a room is quite the task, but so worth the effort in the end. I love the phrase "sunshine moment" too.

    1. Elsie,
      beginning my 15th year of teaching, and first time I am not sharing a room with anyone!!!!! That is a sunshine moment too!

  3. I love the sunshine moments you shared after all of the stress we felt you go through earlier in your writing. Everything always has a way of turning out right. But yes, there should be a standard when it comes to classroom library space!

  4. Way to find the bright moments in tasks that can seem overwhelming. Best of luck in the start of the year!

  5. Sunshine moments make rainy things have rainbows! Love it!

  6. I love your phrase sunshine moment! I plan to look for those moments tomorrow. I was blessed with my sweet niece's help earlier in the summer in my classroom.

  7. "Sunshine moment", I like it too.

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