Friday, March 14, 2014

Voices from the Library Bookstore

"Hello there!"
"Hi John! How are you today?"
"Trying to stay warm. How are your students?"
"Not bad this week."

This is a pretty normal conversation with John on Thursday afternoons when he walks in to the library bookstore with his wife. After they have perused the books and chosen their purchases...

"Who is going to pay today?"
"I'm paying for my book. I don't know what he is doing. John, did you find anything?"
"Yes, one western for my friend."

John and his wife have become regular shoppers. John always wants to know about my students. He also wonders if I have read any Finnish books lately. Many times he has brought me a book that he has found at another secondhand bookshop just because it was in Finnish! Strangers that have turned into something more.

"Where is your cute little son today?" Kathy asked a young father last night.
"He is reading truck books with his grandfather in the library."
"Jaana, he has the cutest little boy!"

This young father selects a few books for his young son and leaves. Little while later he comes back carrying his son accompanied with the grandfather. He wanted to show Kathy his son!

"Do have Harry Potter?"
"Let's have a look. If we have, it would be right here."
"I just want to buy that series to a friend who has not read it yet."
"I'm sorry, but it looks like we don't have any today."
"That's okay. I'll stop by again."

"How much are the kids books?"
"Paperbacks are 25 cents and hardcovers are 50 cents."
"Can I get this book with this coupon?"
"Let's see. You can get one regularly priced book for free with your coupon."
"Any regular priced book? Even adult hardcover?"
"Timmy, I will get this book for mom with the coupon, and then I will buy that book for you for $3."

Wouldn't you like to shop at our library bookstore?


  1. Oh yes, you know I'd like to shop there! I love the conversations you caught. Readers searching for the just right book for today.

  2. I love library bookstores. We have one that is amazing. I'd love to go to yours.The books seem almost as good as the shoppers!

  3. I love our library bookstore but don't go often enough to make friends, Jaana. Your store sounds delightful! I love sneaking a peek at the conversations!

    1. We have our Thursday regulars that we have gotten to know!

  4. The library bookstore that you describe is a true reflection of your community - warm, connected, welcoming. Lucky you!

    1. The library bookstore is a good reflection of our community!

  5. The answer to your question: Oh, yes, I would love to shop at your library bookstore. Such a welcoming place.

  6. Oh yes, I would love to! In fact, I just may have to stop at our local library's book stand on the way home just to treat myself! Love the warm conversations you share.

  7. We don't have a library bookstore, now I want one!

    1. I wonder if you have friends of the library? That is who runs our library bookstore.

  8. Our library has monthly book sales, so I guess that would count. I can usually pick up many good finds at those! I think that would be fun to work in one as you do. The conversations you must have - similar but different to the ones you have with your students. How fun!

  9. Our library has sales only twice a year and seldom are there any friendly voices like you described. Prices are a bit more too. Lovely slice!

  10. Such an important part of being a writer is paying attention to the world around us. What a fun activity to document snippets of conversation in such a special place as the library! Great post, Jaana!


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