Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Turn to Me, He said.

Holly created this wonderful opportunity to connect with others on our spiritual journeys. Spiritual Journey Thursdays are a time to slow down, think deeper, dig deeper, reflect on my journey with God, and learn by connecting with God and other God followers. Join me and others as we travel on this journey each Thursday with Holly and friends. This week we are writing about Leigh Anne's One Little Word: Turn.  

Turn to Me, He said.
I didn't pay attention. I walked my road.
Twisting and turning.
Occasionally stumbling and falling.

Turn to Me, He said.
I can do it. I was raised to be strong.
Maybe I am a little too proud to admit I could use some help.
But only occasionally.

Turn to Me, He said again.
I think my ears were turned to a different channel. 
I was busy. I was sitting on the director's seat.
Occasionally seeking advice from someone.

Turn to Me, He said a little louder this time.
I was busy reading. Or  maybe writing.
I ordered new books.
Occasionally turning my ear to Him.

Turn to Me, He said, and stay awhile.
Really? I have stuff to do and papers to grade.
Plans need to be made.
Occasionally I could make a short visit.

Turn to Me, He said. So patiently.
Okay. I hear you!
But couldn't you wait a bit?
Occasionally I can clear my schedule for you.

Turn to Me, He said again. Lovingly.
This is an invitation. For me!
Should I RSVP?
Occasionally or frequently?

Turn to Me, He said.
And I did! I didn't just RSVP,
but I spent time with Him.
Occasionally at first, but hopefully more frequently in the future.

Thank you, for turning to Me, He said.
After welcoming me with open arms.
Not just occasionally,
but every time.



  1. Jaana, this post is such a reality check-an honest appraisal of our turning or not to Jesus on a regular basis. How many times do we have the excuse that I just need to do... I will go to sleep tonight thinking of how I can be more intentional in my turnings. Peace.

    1. Carol, this is exactly what this community is helping me to do! Early morning words, late night encouragement; all pointing and turning me towards God!

  2. OH wow - can't we all see ourselves in this honest and revealing poem?! He wants our love and attention so much. How can we be too busy to RSVP: In a minute, when I'm done with this...? Thank you for encouraging us to TURN toward HIM!

    1. Holly, this is a community effort!

  3. Aw, Jaana. I thought I wrote this. It resonates so much my life, my own stubbornness. Aren't you glad we have a God who never gets tired of chasing us? I would be nothing without His tireless love. :)

    1. Amen! God who never gets tired of chasing us! So much to be thankful for!

  4. The sheep hear his voice and know their shepherd loves them and will find them whenever they are lost.

    1. Yes, the shepherd will never stop us looking for! We are blessed!

  5. Jaana, such a beautiful depiction of the Savior's invitation, lovingly and patiently extended. I hope to not just RSVP, but to spend more time with him also. Thanks for sharing your journey and this exquisite poem with us.

    1. Ramona, I really hope to spend more time with him as well! I need to RSVP a lot more often!

  6. So many of us related to your words this week, and I think that is what this community is all about. Carol said in Holly's post about how God could be using our voices for His good. Thank you for sharing in my word this week and what a challenge you have put forth - to give up excuses and turn toward Him more each day.


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