Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Prayer and Priorities

Holly created this wonderful opportunity to connect with others on our spiritual journeys. Spiritual Journey Thursdays are a time to slow down, think deeper, dig deeper, reflect on my journey with God, and learn by connecting with God and other God followers. Join me and others as we travel on this journey each Thursday with Holly and friends. This week we are writing about Michelle Haseltine's One Little Word: Fly.  

On Wednesday morning I was driving to work in a mini-snowstorm. Huge snowflakes were falling down in a hurry. I had a hard time keeping my wipers moving and my windshield clear. Reminder to myself: consider getting new windshield wipers. I was thinking I should probably have had my tires checked. They are, after all, pretty old. I tried to keep my focus on the roads as I did not want to fly through an intersection because I could not stop in time, nor did I want to make friends with the white snowbank on my right side.

I needed to calm myself. A simple prayer: "Lord protect me. Put your angels around my car, and take me safely to work this morning." There is power in prayer. Peace giving power. I prayed again. I asked protection for everyone. 

I arrived at school ready for a busy day. The day turned out to be much busier than I expected.  All day long I kept moving from one project to another, and from one group of students to another. I squeezed in a parent meeting, some planning with co-workers and a few hours of work after school.  There was one short conversation with a co-worker that reminded me again about the things that are important in life. His passion is running; long distance running. Mine is to discover new things and new places. Reading and writing. Finding new ways to teach my students. Get closer to God. 

How can I keep my passions alive without clouding them with work and busyness that seems to never end? Prioritize!!! We learned that word with my high school students this week. It is a good word for me as well. Today I needed to prioritize and get my daily quota of steps (even without going to the gym). I needed to write. I needed to connect with my Spiritual Journey friends. I needed to invest in my social capital. Perhaps discovering how to prioritize every day would be a good first job for my OLW this year!


  1. Jaana, it is amazing how prayer has such a calming influence when we are stressed. The Lord protected you during the snowstorm as He does with the abstract storms of our lives. You fly through your lists to find your OLW. Let's see if it is a good one for you.

  2. Stopping and remembering what's important to YOU will help you prioritize. Why do I feel like you put yourself last when it comes to getting things done? Maybe you need to move yourself up on the list. :) I am so grateful that you blogged with us today. I know you'll find your way! Every day is a brand new chance!!

  3. Don't you find this weekly reflection helpful? We sit and focus, listen to our own hearts, and share them with others. Powerful stuff.

  4. Whew! Your day seemed like a whirlwind, all beginning with putting your life and day into God's hands and praying for protection. Prioritization helps us focus on what is important, listen to God's plan, and FLY on wings like eagles!

  5. Thursday evenings are becoming one of my favorite nights because I can sit and read, reflect, and share. Hopefully your day today was a little less stressful.

  6. Prioritize - always a challenge for me to take care of the important instead of the mundane. Prioritizing helps me recognize what is important. And now that I'm back in school (for awhile), it's hard to fit it all in. Your mention of those all-important steps - I'm heading for the treadmill now.


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