Saturday, January 31, 2015

Celebration Time

Semester exams are finally over! It is definitely time to celebrate! Students worked hard (well, most of them), teachers worked extra hard to get grades ready, and everyone is hoping for a snow day on Monday!

Basketball game was so much fun last night! There were a few moments when I looked at the score board that I wished our girls had a few more points, but then came the boys turn, and everything changed. I almost wished that the opposing team had a few more baskets as well.

Supportive coworkers are the key to surviving with joy any stressful week at work (or even a longer time)! Laughing, planning, making coffee, even getting serious for a a few moments, and then drinking another cup of coffee and wondering if H. will make if to the end pf exam week before her baby will make an appearance. (She did make. Still waiting to hear baby news.)

Sunny days were also a big bonus for this week! A couple of times this week I was able to turn of the lights in my classroom to work just using natural light from outside! This is a treat in Michigan during winter! Time to open the drapes and enjoy another sunny day!

Fitbit step counter has been keeping me moving! This week I reached my goal for steps every day!!!! I am so excited!!! Moving even in the winter makes me a better teacher and human being! So I am off to the gym to make sure steps are met today as well! More writing and commenting later today!


  1. Glad to read your works. Supportive coworkers and sunshine made my days brighter too.

  2. Hurrah for the baby waiting till a 'just right' time for your colleague, Jaana, and for your step-counting. I'm not sure I sat down yesterday, so wished I had a step counter to see how much I'd been traveling. Hope you have some more sunny days your way!

    1. Step counters are wonderful! Definitely get yourself one.

  3. I love the part in your celebration about being able to turn off the classroom lights and enjoy the natural light. Sun in winter can be so brilliant, can't it?

  4. We enjoyed several days of sunshine, but the upcoming forecast is for rain every day. Love the sunshine too! Hope you get your snow day. I love my coworkers and being back with them since I'm subbing in our library for six weeks. Congrats on reaching your fitbit goal every day!


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