Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Boxes, exams, goob byes, and hope

There are boxes everywhere in my room. Some are full and others are still waiting to be filled. Bookshelves are almost empty. Classroom library is gone. Missing books are almost paid for. Files are relocated to a box--to be hopefully sorted later on this summer. In my basement there is a line of baskets and boxes. They are longing to find a place of their own. I am wondering when they will grow feet and start moving?? Maybe tomorrow? Maybe next week?

"Ms. please pray, I gotta pass this exam?"

Yeah, those exams. Mine still need to be tweaked. Should I add an item or too? What about the essay rubric?? Should I make it easier or harder? Couldn't somebody else make these choices for me?

"Ms. I'm not gonna come back next year."
"Why not?"
"I don't know. Maybe I come back the year after."

Goodbyes are hard. I've poured my energy on these students. We have found ways to learn and other ways that did not work. We have all changed. We have ALL made progress! Why are you leaving at this time??

"Ms. am I gonna be in your class next year?"
"I am not sure but I hope so."
"Me too!"

In the middle of packing, sorting and tearing down (I am moving from portable to an actual building), I feel the hope of a better future. Where ever my students will end up next year, they will be okay. I will miss them terribly. So, we might start a blog to stay in touch as we will be all moving around the world!

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