Thursday, June 7, 2012

Student, books, reading and the library

I gotta get an AR book! I need AR points like yesterday. I don’t understand why the heck I have to read anyway. I already do my homework. Reading is so stupid! Ms keeps talking about the characters and what they say and feel. What do I care!!!! I already have enough chat inside my head. Why do I need AR points?? This school is stupid. Oh yeah, Jake said we need to do better on the NWEA. Whatever…Like the NWEA is going to help me to get to college.

Maybe I’ll “read” the same book that Jake read. What was it?? “Dude, what’s the AR book you read?” Jake must be deaf. “DUDE, what’s the book that had points?” Okay, that just got me kicked out of the library. I was only asking a question. I have the right. America’s got freedom! I got rights! Fine, I don’t need to read anyway!

I read! I know spice and civil rights. Want me to tell you? “Hey, what’s this?” “It’s the book you wanted!” “Thanks man!” Bummer, maybe I could just forget the book somewhere? Could I really?

Wonder what’s it about? From Somalia, with Love. You gotta be kidding me…this is the book?? What does Ms always say?? “Read the back cover and see, you can always change the book.” Yeah, I know. My teach has like a library in the class. Everywhere I look, there are books. Doesn’t she do anything else? Okay, From Somalia, with Love, about a girl in London…maybe she’s hot??? Maybe there is some kissing…

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  1. Hilarious character and seems wildly smart in a secretive way. Hope to hear more of this characters voice this summer!


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