Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday 6.5.2012 Quick Write

Here is the place where I go every time that I return home. I can hear the birds flying low, and the sellers who believe that their product is so much better than in the next booth. "Makeaa Mansikkaa!" I can smell  the aroma of fresh fish, especially the smoked salmon. It makes my mouth water...I love to get a good cup of strong coffee, taste the pastries that I have not eaten in years.It is hard tolimit myself to just one at a time. Savor them, and of course, chat with my friends and just watch the people go by. The atmosphere is busy, but there is also something so soothing at watching and relaxing with no agenda--as I am on  holiday.


  1. Your pictures + words make me want to go to this place & savor the pastries!

  2. Good start for your holidays - sweet strawberries, coffee, pastries, friends and no agenda.
    I am excited at the possibility to meet a fellow slicer. If you are interested, send me an email and we can make some plans. Even if it just for a short afternoon. Here is my e-mail: terjeakke@gmail.com


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