Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear Maria

As part of the Teachers Write Virtual Summer Writing Seminar, Tuesdays are quick writes based on different prompts. Here is my writing for today:

Dear Maria,

I am sitting in my car. The tank is full. Groceries are in the cooler (yes, in the trunk), and I have checked the weather. Everything is fine. I just don't seem find the energy to start the car. It's not even a long drive--just over 4 hours. I should be able to do that. Right?
What was it that you used to tell me? "Visualize yourself where you want to be." Okay, I will try that.
The water is blue, cold, sparkling yet so inviting. The pile of wood is resting along the sauna's wall. The deck is a little crooked, but I want to be sitting there when the sun comes up in the mornings. I want to welcome each new day as soon as it starts. I want to be ready for a new day. I want to experience each day. I want to receive the gift of each new day. I wish I could record the sounds that I hear, and then carry them with me to the real world to be played again and again.
What else would I need?
Coffee!!! I can almost hear your voice echo when I say that word aloud. Perfect morning absolutely requires a perfect cup of coffee--of two. So, I am imagining sitting on the deck with my blanket, coffee and of course a good book--or two--watching the sun raise. Do you know, I am so grateful to be alive! To be here at this time. Am I perfect? Am I content? Maybe not; but I believe I am on my way.  Do I have some choices to make in my life? fences to mend? Absolutely! But they can wait a while.
First, I want to welcome a new day. I want to count my blessings. You know, you are one of them. This place by the lake, is another. So, I guess it is time to start the car. The groceries don't keep forever.
I hope I will get to experience a sunrise with you soon!
Your friend,


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