Thursday, March 19, 2015

Does being brave mean I have faith?


Today I am writing my Slice of Life Story Challenge and linking up with Holly's Spiritual Journey Thursday. At Holly's blog we are writing about the different One Little Words that each of us have chosen. Today we are writing about Teresa Winterstein's OLW: BRAVE

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Is having faith the same thing as being brave?

When I was younger, I traveled to so many places. Some of them were difficult to get to. I was not afraid. I went with the idea that God is with me. He will walk before me, after me and next to me. I knew that if things got really difficult, He would even carry me. I had faith. I had faith in God's promises.

Then I moved to a country where life was much easier. I did not have boil my drinking water any more. Ice was once again safe. I could understand the language. Getting from place to place was easier and much more comfortable. Sometimes it felt like I did not need as much faith. I did not need to be brave as I was not going to an unknown place; I was just driving to work. The same way I go every morning.

As I have been pondering my on One Little Word (discover), being brave and having faith are also topics which have surfaced. Should I be more brave? How would I do that? Trying new things? Is that being brave? Taking a trip to a previously unvisited place. Is that being brave? Looking for a deeper relationship with God. Is that being brave?

What about you? Are you brave?


  1. Oh I LOVE this song!!! You make me think about BRAVE in a new way. Am I BRAVE when I don't have to be BRAVE? There are times when it seems like there's no choice and we have to behave BRAVEly...but when life is I make the BRAVE choice?!?! Oh Jaana, you have no idea how much this spoke to me today. I will be mulling this over!!! Thank you!

  2. I am brave, but sometimes I wonder if I should be brave in different ways. For me being brave would be staying the same, rooting in something. For everyone brave is different. No? I think so. Love the way this post help stretch my thinking this morning.

  3. I definitely think faith is brave! It's believing in and acting upon something unseen. Like Kimberley said, "For everyone brave is different." We have to make our own definitions of bravery since we're all facing different challenges. Since we have so many creature comforts, we don't have to be brave about survival, but that frees us to be brave about other things.

  4. I sometimes feel like I have the easy life. My bravery hasn't really been tested yet. I am brave every day. It takes courage to write and share. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today.

  5. Yep, I agree with all the comments above. I'm slowly realizing that part of the blessing of living in a first world country is having the resources to address and help with others' needs. It takes bravery to stand against injustice and speak one's mind in defense of others! I've seen some brave writing on SOLC blogs, talking about standardized testing, parenting woes, loss of loved ones, too.

  6. I think that being brave is part of everything we do even if it is familiar and we don't give it much thought. Driving a car---we don't know what we will face on the highways. Just getting behind the wheel is an act of courage.

    Every time we try a new recipe it is brave. will it turn out? Will my family like it?

    Definitely writing is brave. Exposing ourselves to others through our written words. So, yes. I believe we are all braved every day even though we may not think much about it.

  7. Love the ways that you mentioned that we might be brave. It's so interesting to read each person's post and ponder the words that are shared about bravery.

  8. Such important questions. Maybe what it means to be brave is so different for everyone as we all have such varied and unique journeys..? I appreciate the thoughts to ponder...


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