Monday, March 9, 2015

Lunch or Dinner Choices

"What's the difference between orange chicken and sweet and sour chicken?"
Not sure, but they are probably very similar.

"What are you going to order?"
Singapore Street Noodles.

"Are you sure they have enough sauce in them? Remember that one time when I had to send them back because they had no flavor?"
I know you don't like them. You like more sauce on your Chinese food.

"What's Dad going to have?"
Let me ask him.

Dad, what do you want to order?
"Cashew Chicken."

Dad wants Cashew Chicken.

Dad wants Cashew Chicken.
"Oh. Are you sure he does not want the sweet and sour chicken?"

Yes. He said he wants the Cashew Chicken.
"Oh. Okay."

"What kind of soup you want?"

"Wanton soup."
Wanton soup for Dad. Mom, what soup do you want?

"What was that soup that I had that one time?"
You had the hot and sour. But remember, it costs extra.

"Why is that soup extra?"
I don't really know. Which soup would you like today?

"I guess I'll have the Wanton soup."

Dinner or lunch out with my in-laws is always an interesting affair. But we always end up having many good laughs! They have really become the second mom and dad for me! Love you mom and dad!


  1. When I first started reading your post, I thought the other participants in the conversation were your children--so the last lines surprised me!

  2. Your post surprised me. I, too, thought they were your children. And I thought that the choices were going to be more life choices. Instead I am delighted by a simple conversation that brings people together. Great post, Jaana.

  3. My go to for Chinese food is Sesame Chicken. Here, at least< it is just as good as orange chicken but much less expensive. This conversation sounds a lot like the one Kathy and I have before I order take-out.

  4. I loved the back and forthing here, and the way you were the emissary of Chinese food between the two in laws.

  5. This reminds a little of the books If You give a Mouse a thing led to another. Great conversation. My in-laws were very special to me too. Many of my special memories with them involve food!

  6. I love this! I have been right in the midst of many conversations just like this. And I know it wasn't easy to write it all down, too, just as it was spoken, and have it make sense. You did a great job!

  7. Funny how ordering Chinese is a little idiosyncratic no matter where you get it! Love how you captured a special conversation between people you love!


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