Sunday, March 29, 2015

There was excitement in my classroom

For the last two Fridays I have had two pre-student teachers in my classroom. Both are getting an ESL/TESOL minor to their undergraduate teaching degree!

Week ago the university students jumped right in and read with students who were all in small groups based on their fluency (this is after all a Sheltered English Class in high school). My students were focused, and yes, a little in awe of the university students as well. You know how it is when a beautiful young woman comes and teenage boys, who usually are quick to talk, find themselves watching the future students with a "grin" on their faces and mouth a little open but no words are forming.

During the second class that day I found out that one of the university students does dramatic readings. As we are in the middle of reading Romeo and Juliet, what could be more perfect than reading one scene from Romeo and Juliet to my students. The three of us read a short scene like the actors that we are! Students were mesmerized! We received an applause that definitely made us feel like real professionals! Everyone was engaged in listening!

Then this week the university students had planned an activity that focused on debate. It was FABULOUS!! Everyone was engaged. There was so much excitement that my principal walked in because he had heard it all the way in the hallway! Yes, we might have been a little laud, BUT we were learning!

We spent two hours learning about debate with hands-on-activities. Students listened, they practiced with sentence starters, they wrote topics and short sentences, they read a passage and talked about in small groups, they created their own argument, they revised and asked for more information, everyone in a group took turns standing up and speaking. Nobody realized when it was time to go.

These are the future teachers who are full of enthusiasm! They are the future of education! They are not afraid to spend time and plan a lesson that works. They radiate joy and love of teaching! These are the teachers that I would want to teach our new immigrant students. These are the teachers that will make sure that our English Language Learners are NOT left behind!


  1. It sounds powerful. Learning at its best. Job well done.

  2. Your student teachers are lucky to have found a classroom like yours where they can take risks and experiment. It's refreshing to see young, energetic teachers brainstorming, planning, and engaging the minds of our future leaders. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are exactly the kinds of future teachers we need. Thank you for nurturing them and giving them the venue to test their wings and fly.

  4. This sounds simply marvelous, Jaana. I am thinking you would like these students with you more often! So glad you had the visitors to inspire your students!

  5. That's wonderful - we need teachers like these to keep our schools engaging and stimulating places.

  6. That's wonderful - we need teachers like these to keep our schools engaging and stimulating places.

  7. What extraordinary experiences for all of you. "They radiate joy" is one of the best parts of this post. We need teachers like them to continue on. I would say having these students in your classroom is a win for win for everyone.


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