Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring MUST be coming

Spring is coming. 
It really MUST be coming.
My calendar says it is spring!

There is new life in my yard.
It is green.
I could chop it up
for my soup or salad.

Persistence and perseverance
must be the middle names
for these lovely sprouts.

Sheltering rocks
supporting me in my
yearning to leave my
safety blanket
and seek new ground.
I am thankful
for your warmth
and cover on a windy
spring day.

I have been standing here
for many months
without showing any
signs of life.
I had to hide.
The winter was brutal.
Even the snow blanket did not often reach me,
but I am made of sturdy roots
that reach deep within me and the 
ground below me.
I am a  survivor.
Now I am ready to welcome
my friend spring
with open arms.
I want to honor her by
blossoming and saying my final
goodbye to the winter
that none of us will miss.

Enjoy the sun and wind
even if it may rain
where you are.
Welcome the signs of new life
both outside and inside.
Treasure the moments when a new sign will
reach your eyes.
This is the cycle of life.


  1. So lovely and full of hope- for the plants outside and for the soul within. "I am made of sturdy roots that reach deep within me and the ground below me. I am a survivor." I love this line.

  2. The signs are there, when we stop to search. Blessed spring will have its moment, soon. I hope.

  3. This is beautiful and uplifting. I love how the words and pictures carry the message together. Thank you!

  4. I am welcoming the signs of new life. Spring is a beautiful time when we think about resurrection and beginnings.

  5. It is amazing how resilient plants. I see the daffodils shoots sticking up from the ground and wonder how they were able to survive the winter. So glad they did.

  6. There was such a feeling of strength in the middle part of your poem. Spring is a time for new beginnings and sometimes we all need that inner strength of these plants. Beautiful poem. Here's to finding spring!

  7. Look at all the signs of Spring life you found. Your words so beautifully express their struggles and triumphs!

  8. Such a creative slice! Such beautiful words!

  9. Beautiful words. Beautiful photos.


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