Friday, March 27, 2015

Post # 300

When I started my blogging journey four years ago, I had no idea that I would still be writing today. I had no idea how meaningful this community would become. I had no idea how much I would learn by being a part of this community. I have been blessed. Truly blessed by so much.

As I look at back, I thought I would share a few posts that I really enjoyed writing. My first posts did not get many comments. Some not even one. But I persevered. I also learned that receiving comments meant that I needed to read and comment (which I was a little scared to do in the beginning).

My 10th post was about what I Believe. You can read it here. This was personal, and at the same time empowering to write.

One day I decided to write my 6 word story (in my way of course). Suddenly, I had more comments in one post than I had had all month long! I really felt like a writer now.

I Remember... is a post I wrote while visiting family and friends in Finland. I was reminded of so many things from the past that had changed. Revisiting them made them a new memory. It was also during this trip that I met Terje! What special encounter that was! I hope that this year will bring more encounters with other bloggers!

Books and Memorial Service was a very special post about Edna. Edna and her husband Earl were both book lovers! If you went to visit their home, there would be books everywhere! Edna was also the one who recruited me to help out at the Friends of our Library booksales over 17 years ago. I am still there!

Thank You My Fellow Teacher is still one of my favorite posts! I had a lot of fun after I posted an anonymous copy of this in our teacher's lounge. The conversations about who wrote it were interesting. Everything in that post/tribute still holds true (well, just no more Diet Coke for me).


  1. I haven't checked how many posts for slices because I add in my books, but I'm sure it close to that number too. When I created Michelle's slices into books, I made them for me too. It is so much fun going back and reading what I've written, but especially the comments. Congrats on # 300!

  2. I feel like I just hit the rewind button! What fun to read posts that mean something to you before I "met" you. Something I also noticed, many of the people who commented then are the same people who are commenting today! Now, that is a community!

  3. I love that post about thanking your fellow teachers--makes me want to do something similar for my wonderful colleagues!

  4. Remember, it's not about the comments, they are just dessert. It's about the writing, building the muscle. :)
    Bonnie K.

  5. I have been only blogging for two years. I felt the same way you did at the beginning. Now I look forward to Tuesday slices and the March challenge a TWT. I have gotten to know so many wonderful writers through their posts. Keep writing and posting and I guarantee that I will continue reading.

  6. I became part of SOLSC in 2012. I have read a lot of your slices, and you truly are a writer! Along the way, I've discovered things we have in common. You have read and commented on my slices so often, it has been a great encouragement. It is about the writing... but the comments create the bond we share.

  7. How exciting to reach a round number and know the numbers are growing. I am so happy that I met you. I wish so much to meet other bloggers too. Happy, happy writing!


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