Saturday, March 14, 2015

Would you like some additional channels?

"Could you please confirm you address?"

"I am sorry, I cannot find you."
Would the account number help you?

"Yes, of course."
"Ah, there you are. What can I help you with?"

I would like to know why my cable bill suddenly doubled?

"Let me check on that. Yes, your promotional offer ended. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

Yes, I would like to lower my cable bill to what it was previously."

"Yes, I understand that. Would you like to combine services to get a better offer?"

No thank you. I would just like to continue the same service I had previously with the same price.

"Mam, that offer is no longer available. I could take five dollars off your bill as a courtesy of you being a loyal customer."

I'm sorry but I am not interested in that. I would like to reduce my bill to what it was before.

"I could offer you one premium channel for free for three months. Would you like that?"

No thank you. I still would like to have what I had before or I will need to cancel my service.

"I am sorry you feel that way. Would you be interested in adding a service?"

No thank you. I would now like to cancel my service.

There are times when I wish that my students had this sales person's tenacity to keep going when things are not going their way. Or, maybe I need to learn a lesson and not give up on students even when they have given up on themselves. Yes, I might not be a fan of my cable company, but perhaps with no cable service, I will have more time to write and focus on learning.

Tenacity. I need to discover more tenacity!


  1. about tenacity! It sounds like they are not allowed to get off the script given them and trying to add more services. What a lesson...I am not sure I would have connected the tenacity of the sale's person to students that need a bit more tenacity...or teachers that need it. Very eye opening.

  2. I love your positive connection to a negative experience! We gave up cable over a year ago. Only have internet connection so we get Netflix and Hulu. No loss and less frustrations.

  3. We just switched to a new provider because we got a good deal for two years. After that I may need to look around again depending on what the rate jumps to. Frustrating that this needs to be done.

  4. Ugh, cable service people - nothing if not persistant. Hope you get things worked out, Jaana.

  5. Yes tenacity that is one way to put it ! :) I am glad you were perseverant and followed through on canceling your service. The way we view TV is changing and you would think they would want to hang on to the customers they have. Enjoy your extra writing time!

  6. I don't think I stay as calm as you did, but I have had that conversation with more than one company. Customer loyalty doesn't mean much these days... You are amazing, pulling something positive out of the experience.

  7. Oh, tenacity is certainly something those cable companies have plenty of! Tenacity, and a unique passion for luring you into their service and then overcharging you when those "promotional offers" end! We switched our company about a year ago after this exact conversation! :-)

    1. I wish switching was an option! There is only one cable company in my town!

  8. This conversation is so spot on! Could you just scream?! Yes, we should all have that tenacity, but maybe tenacity directed toward kindness and a peaceful world.

  9. This is a conversation I HOPE I DO NOT HAVE on Monday when I call to find out why my Aunt's bill tripled!

  10. It sounded like you were having 2 separate conversations. Isn't it nearly spring there now? You don't need cable, you will be outside. :)


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