Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Is Laughing Acceptable in the Gym?

Val and I are gym buddies. We go regularly. Well, that really depends how you define regularly. Three times a week? Not our definition lately except in our dreams. Twice a week? This definition would suit us more often, but not in the last two (okay, maybe three) weeks.

Last Saturday morning we were determined to create a new definition. We had set a time to meet at the gym. Morning texts: "I'll be 10-15 minutes late."  "Me too."  We were still in agreement with our definition. All good.

I got to the gym. No Val. I started biking. I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure that Val could find me. (What was I thinking? There were not that many people that she could not find me!) Headphones on. Listening to morning news. Some interesting, but mostly not. Time to raise the speed on my pedaling. Ah, there she is!

"I don't know what has happened to my body! I did ask the Parks Department for new body parts but they have not delivered yet!"

This is how Val started my day. I really needed a recorder for all the one liners that she kept throwing at me while pedaling.

"Well, at least my legs are moving. I'm not so sure about the breathing part."

"I like watching silent television here. Look at how sweet that man is. What is his name again? Oh, he is so cute." (This is where Val and my opinions differ quite a bit, but that is another conversation altogether.)

"At least my body came here today. Not so sure what or who came with it."

There were so many and I did not have a recorder with me. Even my phone was in the locker! But I laughed! I mean I laughed out loud! Perhaps some fellow exercise "enthusiasts" were thinking who we are to disturb their quiet morning exercise. Too bad! We were having too much fun! 45 minutes on the bike!


  1. Laughter is great exercise for the soul! Sounds like you and your friend have that figured out.


  2. Exercise with a friend should be fun. It makes it worth your time! thanks for sharing.

  3. There should be fun in exercise or else why do it? As others have said, laughing is an exercise and should be done as often as possible. And the nice thing about laughter is it can be done anywhere.

  4. Laughter should be a requirement for being in a gym - it sounds like you actually have fun there,Jaana :)

  5. I love it! Sounds like a good way to exercise and great motivation! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yay for exercise but I'm giving a standing O for laughter. It's free and fabulous. Glad you have a gym buddy :)

  7. Any way to get through a workout, right? Laughter has to be the BEST way! What fun Val is!

  8. Laughter sounds like the perfect soundtrack! Anything that gets you moving. Great revision of what regular exercise means! :)


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