Friday, March 1, 2013

30 more days after today

30 more days to go after today!
Will I forget or fall asleep one day
before posting my slice?
Will anyone read mine?
There are so many slices to read...
What shall I write?
-about friends
-about being thankful
-about family memories
-funny book covers
-the weather
-about my students
Yes, my high school class
is doing their own blog!
My students are writing!
Don't forget, these are ELL students!
So, I will remember,
if my students can write, so can I!
Only 30 more days to go after today!


  1. yes you can...yes I can...yes we can....but we may fall behind on the sleep!

  2. yes you can...yes I can...yes we can....but we may fall behind on the sleep!

  3. So many much to write about!

  4. I wish I could take 31 days off for just writing and reading. The month is going to be busy. It's exciting that your students will write also.

    1. Wouldn't that be wonderful! 31 days just writing!

  5. Your uncertain wonderings are probably the same ones running through the heads of my students. I'm going to point out your blog to my students because they are HS ELLs too! I think they would really have a lot of connections. We are writing at

    1. Jennifer, feel free to have your students comment on my students' writings. Here is the blog address:

  6. My students are ELLs, too...elementary, grades 3-6. We are not doing the classroom challenge, but I will check out what the students are posting over there.

    1. Feel free to comment on the students writing! They love when someone else takes interest in what they do! Link is here:
      I teach younger ELLs too. Maybe a blog with them next year....

  7. reminds me of Terje's blog, titled JUST FOR A MONTH. Of course she's still writing three years later. ;) Happy writing, Ruth


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