Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Words of Joy

A few days ago I encountered tagedo the very first time. I have seen other bloggers try this, and I wanted to try and see if I could also create a cloud from the words on my blog. I love the fact that I was able to choose the shape of my words.
JOY brings me so much happiness! So do the words inside inside of each of the letters.


And so many other words. All of them bring joy into my life, and hopefully, to those around me (either physically or in cyberspace)!


  1. I love this! It is great to see a visual of the words coming together as art.

  2. This is so beautiful. I love the words you picked for this word art. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very cool. I love the art created from the art of thinking, writing, and sharing.

  4. Very cool! You do bring joy with your words.

  5. This is lovely...I'm off to check it out for my students.

  6. I LOVE how you used the word "joy" for the shape of your words, Jaana! :-) I also love how "writing", "share", and "students" were so big! (Although I think the size of "testing" is kind of sad!) I will have to try this with a word for the shape next time!

  7. Thanks to your post, I am going to check out tagedo. Joy is one of my favorite words!

  8. I just replied to your comment on my post, but I wanted to be sure you saw it, so I'm pasting it here:

    "Jaana, you are a wonderful teacher! You care about your students, and you want them to become readers and writers. You help them develop their English skills in a supportive environment while valuing their home cultures. Your students are lucky to have you!
    If you are interested, the Nerdy Book Club has had several posts this year about tackling your "book gaps". Everyone has book gaps -- I'm trying to read some graphic novels! You might want to make yourself a Book Gap Challenge with those genres, but there are plenty of historical fiction, realistic fiction, and other genres that also have fantastic new YA books you will love sharing with your students! Focus on those, and then step outside your comfort zone just every once in a while!"

    P.S. You should try Hunger Games -- I didn't think it was too heavy on the futuristic science/technology -- just enough of a taste that you know it's in the future. It really reads like realistic fiction... and it's captivating! I bet you would like it! :-)

    1. P.P.S Try The False Prince too. It's like historical fiction, but in an imaginary kingdom. No magic or other typical fantasy things. Just a great adventure story!

    2. Jennifer, you are a gem! I will be checking out your recommendations!


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