Friday, March 15, 2013

My Modified Ode to the Color Green

green is the color of new growth in nature
green is the color we use at school when students are at or above grade level
green just makes me happy
green is the color of a juicy apples
green is the color of my bookbag and books bring me JOY
green is the scarf that my friend brought me from China
green eyes are mesmerizing 
green is the sign of spring which means summer is just around the corner
green goes well together with purple
green marker on the board is so soothing
green is the color of the vegetables that I should eat more of
green just makes me happy! 
green is the color of my favorite highlighter 
green energizes me! (and I need energy today!!)
green are my future sandals (just have to wait for the snow to melt)
green is the color around me as I write
green just makes me happy

After a long day of testing and conferences yesterday, I needed a reminder of things that bring me joy! I do not mean that I had sad or difficult conferences, but it was just a really long day, and I am tired now.  Perhaps I will even wear a green shirt today?!?


  1. Green makes me happy too!

  2. Go green! Great list for you and great reminder to surround us with what makes us happy. Thanks.

  3. Green and all it's many sibling shades are my favorite colors. Love this poem dedicated to the calm and happy green.

  4. Green says go! Green is my color of choice too. This poem had to perk you up as you thought of all the greens.

  5. Love the colour green! Hope you have recovered from your long day of yesterday.

  6. Green is my favorite color, too- and there are so many gorgeous shades to it!

  7. Love this poem. Very peaceful, Green brings serenity. I would love to see your future green sandals.

  8. Blue is my favorite color, but you make me like green, too.

  9. such a joyful and fun poem! I've wiped out after a week of testing as well, so I love the idea of listing some little things to cheer yourself up! :-)

  10. I, too, love green. Today I'm surrounded by a world of white (it's hailing). I could use a little splash of green.


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